Band-aidAre you still looking for the next, big, quick fix? That quick fix that will solve all of your weight and food issues?

That quick fix that will suddenly wipe away all of your struggles with food, your weight, your lack of weight loss motivation – that quick fix that will give you massive self-confidence, self-esteem, joy, inner peace, and love of life?

Ok, Ok, I’m With Ya!

Ok, you’re a smart reader of Fearless Fat Loss so I’m going to guess that you’re on the same page with me here – there is no quick fix for your food and weight struggles, and there’s certainly no quick fix that will bring you inner peace, joy, and loads of self-confidence – you won’t find that in a bottle. 😉

At the same time if you’re reading this and you are still looking for that next, big, quick fix, that next book, product, bottle of somethin’ that will melt the fat off of ya while you sleep, I do want you to know that I understand how that feels.

This was years ago but I went through a period of wanting that quick fix – I tried the fad diets, pills, shakes, all that kind of stuff, and you know where it got me? It got me a bunch of struggle and pain with food and weight, years that I felt were wasted because if I had only gone through the inner process that I thought would “take too long”, that process would have saved me years and years of struggle.

Quick Fix = Bandaid

The thing is, those quick fixes are only temporary bandaids on the symptom of the problem, the symptom being your overweight. Diets are bandaids also, but at least with a diet (if it’s healthy) it’s got the possibility of being a longer lasting bandaid but even still, if you have to force yourself to take action, to diet and exercise, then that’s kind of a drag, isn’t it?

There’s just no substitute for a healthy lifestyle that helps you not only drop the weight but also keep it off. A healthy lifestyle in all areas – body, mind, and spirit. A healthy lifestyle that supports your health, your fitness, your conscious choices to live your life in a way that your spirit rejoices with each new day. A life filled with energy, enthusiasm, joy, and F.U.N.!!

My Wish For You

My wish for you is that you do not make the same mistakes that I made, that you make the conscious decision to get your “inner you” in alignment with that which you wish to create on the outside, which I’m going to guess is a healthy, fit, slender, toned, sexy, awesome-feeling body!

Unfortunately there is no bandaid fix for an “inner life” problem, and the simple fact is that the inner always matches the outer – always (Abraham-Hicks).

If you go for the quick fix newest diet fad out there on the market and do not address the inner you, which is where the “problem” lies, this is where the struggle comes in – there’s a part of you who wants to lose weight but you want that with a quick fix, and it feels hard for you to take actions that would easily get you want you want (weight loss and fitness in body, mind, spirit), actions that aren’t a quick fix but would drop that fat off of you in a flash, if only you would do them.

My wish for you is that you experience effortless weight loss in your life, that you feel how it feels to allow the weight to drop from your body as well as lift that heavy vibration from your soul, that vibration that creates a heavy body, mind, and spirit.

The Quickest Fix There Is

If you truly want a quick fix for your weight and food issues the quickest one you could ever give yourself is to go through the process of resolving the inner conflict that is out of congruence with what you want, or to put it another way and repeat my previous quote, the inner always matches the outer – always (Abraham-Hicks).

When you go about this issue from the inside out and create the YOU, the vibration that is necessary to match what you want on the outside, not only is this the quickest fix around, it’s a lasting “fix” that will save you years and years of going back and forth with your weight, and isn’t that really what you want? To be done with the up and down back and forth emotional, physical, and mental trauma of “battling” and struggling with food and your weight?

That’s exactly what I wish for you, if this is what you want, of course 😉 …… to drop the bandaids, drop the struggle, and get into effortless and ease – it’s so much more F.U.N. anyway.

Photo by jugbo