2008 Blog Party at Fearless Fat LossRemember the Ultimate Blog Party I mentioned to you on Friday? Well here’s my party post to have fun in the festivities, and it’s also a good overall view of what’s going on here at Fearless Fat Loss for all of you new, super cool subscribers. 🙂 (welcome!)

My name is JoLynn Braley and the party here at Fearless Fat Loss is all about being good to yourself now instead of waiting until that magical day when the scale reads ### and you jump for joy. I say why not jump for joy now? The present moment is all we have, why waste it on thinking about a future time – now is that future that you may have been thinking about in the past, so why not choose joy and peace in this very moment?

I’ve recently changed my outlook on life in general and this also applies to my weight loss goals – my #1 life goal is to live with joy in this moment. Yep, that’s it; so now I’m not tied to any outside circumstances to determine my inner peace and happiness.

This party is all about living your joy now instead of waiting until that future time when you’ve lost the weight, gotten the new job, bought the car, had the baby, gotten married, moved to (fill in the blank), or whatever that future goal may be. Now is the time to party, now is the time to feel your joy, your bliss. Does this mean we’re dropping all pursuits in life? No, or at least I’m not, but I am going to enjoy the journey and have fun with it right now instead of waiting to have fun when I get there. 😉

So what is Fearless Fat Loss all about? Fearless Fat Loss is about a few topics related to health, weight loss, and wellness. Here’s the core of this site:

  • It’s a combination of informative articles (e.g.: on crystalline fructose, the omentum, natural flavor, high fructose corn syrup, and others) that I write after researching the heck out of the topic as well as posts based on my own experience of what has worked for me (changing my lifestyle), what hasn’t worked (dieting), what I’m working on now (healing my emotional eating), as well as motivational tid-bits I come across. Right now many of my motivational posts are in the archives, however stay tuned on that because I have something coming up shortly (within the next few weeks) to resurrect inspiring, conscious, motivational thoughts for you more regularly.
  • Overall, this site is about a whole body, mind, spirit solution to weight loss – that’s right, based on my own experience it’s not enough to just give an overweight person a diet and exercise plan and shuttle them off with high hopes. If that were the solution then we wouldn’t be experiencing an obesity crisis today now would we? I think not – if diet & exercise were enough, everyone who wants to lose weight would do so and keep it off – no problem.

Nope, there’s more to it than that. For some folks they could be addicted to refined sugar and flour (like I am), be emotional eaters (that’s me, too!), as well as have a habit of stinkin’ thinkin’ – thinking that “I can’t lose weight, it’s too hard, I’ll always be like this so why try”, etc. etc.. I understand all of this because I’ve been there myself, but you know what? A thought is just a thought and it can be changed.

At this time my main goal is to live with joy in each moment, meaning that I’m not waiting until I lose 30 pounds to be happy and in peace. Sure, I’m also working on my emotional eating (in fact I’m doing an emotional eating experiment for 12 weeks on myself with updates here each Wednesday) and following a healthy eating and exercise program, but I can do this and have fun with it, living in joy at the same time instead of struggling and waiting for the future to live a life filled with fun and happiness. I believe that we can all do this, and if it’s a struggle for you, you could start right now with loving yourself just a little bit more each day and doing that from now on.

FireworksFearless Fat Loss is an evolution in process – it cannot stagnate because I’m the one behind it and I am continually becoming more aware and conscious of what is really at the root of my food and weight issues – here’s a clue, it’s not about the food, or the weight for that matter! But if you’re like me and you’ve struggled with your weight your entire life, then you already know that.

I feel that by sharing what I’ve learned and what I’m learning that if I can help even one other person out there then I’ve contributed something positive to this world. When I started this blog almost a year ago I set out with the intention that I wanted to finally heal my food and weight issues, issues I’ve struggled with since I was a kid. No, these things don’t always happen overnight but that’s OK – I’m feeling the progress and that’s what matters.

Stick around and take from me anything that resonates for you and begin your own journey of letting go of the diet mentality and creating a new, healthy lifestyle filled with a love for life, a love for yourself, a love of health and fitness, and drop that diet mentality for good!

And by the way, if you like the sounds of this, be sure to subscribe to my RSS feed either in your favorite blog reader (I like Bloglines – here’s some more information) or through email – both options are available in the upper right hand corner of this page. That way you can stay up-to-date on the happenings around here and keep your positive, joyful mojo flowing in your own life while you enjoy the process of weight loss.

Now there are lots (over 150!) of prizes that are being given away at the Ultimate Blog Party and we were asked to list our top picks to make things easier. Here’s what caught my eye:

#71 – Blog logo or header design provided by Revka & Linda of RS Designs.

#72 – Webcam provided by Liz.

#59 – $25 cash provided by Lori.

If those are already taken I’d be very grateful for the following (in order of preference), or anything that would fall into a “general” sort of category (I don’t have kids): #117, #55, #114, #135, #21, #100.

You can also join in the fun with the Ultimate Blog Party if you’re a female blogger – it’s running until this Friday, March 14, and it’s a fun way to meet some other bloggers (approx. 1,000 are already involved) and at the same time bring a little more exposure to your blog!

If you’re not a blogger you can still join in but sorry guys, it’s still just for the gals (hey, I didn’t make the rules! 😉 ). Like I mentioned above they are giving away some prizes to celebrate and if you don’t have a blog you can become eligible to win one of the 150+ prizes by commenting on this post and then visiting at least 20 of the blogs on the list and leaving a comment on their “party post”; a post like mine that you’re reading now – in fact you could start right here by leaving a comment below!

That’s all there is to it, enjoy!

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