Emotions on EggsHave you ever considered that you could lose weight and get fit by mastering your emotions?

Did you ever think you’d hear someome suggest that you “get emotional” to lose weight and get fit? Well read on dear friend and you’ll get the meaning of what I’m sayin’…

Lose Weight & Get Fit by Mastering Your Emotions

This week at Fearless Fat Loss it’s all about your emotions. Let’s face it – your emotions are, bottom-line, where it’s all at, and I don’t mean only when it comes to the topic of emotional eating.

What you ARE is your emotions. You ARE your emotional state. If you are at all familiar with spiritual teachings, metaphysics, the law of attraction, anything along those lines, then you are aware that the largest part of you is a vibrational energy being… which just so happens to be walking around in a physical body…and the level of your vibration = your emotions. And I would daresay that you must have some inkling of this, otherwise why would you be attracted to Fearless Fat Loss, which is about Conscious Fitness? You wouldn’t. 😉

Now if you’ve been around Fearless Fat Loss for awhile, you’ve seen me write quite a bit about the mind, thoughts, emotions, and the connection between body, mind, and spirit. I’ve often said that your thoughts are the most important factor when it comes taking the necessary action to create a healthy, fit, strong sexy body, and now I’m stating that your emotions are. Confused? There’s no need to be, because it’s all the same topic.

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Body

Change your thoughts and you change your emotions. Change your emotions by changing your thoughts and you can change your body by taking effortless, fun, action to lose weight and get fit. 

Change your thoughts and you change your vibe, which is your emotional state. Your thoughts lead to your emotions. Think crappy thoughts about yourself and your life and how do you feel? Criticize yourself all day long by thinking thoughts of self-criticizm and how do you feel? Are you at all inclined, or “motivated” to lose weight and get fit when you feel like mud??

On the flip side, how do you feel when you think loving thoughts, when you think thoughts filled with gratitude and wonder for everything that is working for you in your life today? When you think thoughts of self-praise and self-love, how do you feel?

When you Feel Good NOW how inclined are you to get up off the couch, cook yourself a meal filled with whole foods, those foods that vibrate a hundred times higher on the vibrational scale than their lifeless counterparts – those processed, dead foods that becon to you from the store shelves when you’re looking for comfort. And why do you look for comfort? Do you look for comfort in food when you feel fabulous, fit, and electrified with life?

Master Your Emotions and You’ll Master Your World

Your emotions are the key to your world, and when you learn how to master your thoughts you master your emotional state. Become a master in this areas of your world and you literally change your own reality. Take it a step further and become a deliberate creator of your reality and you can be, do, and have anything in your lifetime, which includes having/living in a healthy, fit, strong, sexy body, if that is something that you desire for yourself

When you have the tools to change your emotions and you choose to take deliberate action and use those tools, the world is your oyster. This goes far beyond the topic of losing weight and getting fit, but if you’ve been reading here for any length of time you are already aware of the fact that overweight is only a symptom of a much larger problem.

The way to lose weight and get fit is not by attacking the symptom and forcing yourself to diet, it’s by addressing the problem and the problem all begins with your thoughts, which lead to your emotions, which is your vibrational state. And when you feel bad, how easy is it for you to take action to lose weight and get fit?

How long do you stick with any program when you are focused on the negatives and feeling so poorly about yourself? How often do you want to eat those healthy, whole foods when you’re feeling bad? What do you reach for instead? How strong is your desire to exercise when you’re wallowing in your self-criticizm, blame, and your focus on how hard it is, how it never works for you, etc. etc.?

Stay tuned for some enlightening thoughts this week to help you lose weight and get fit by mastering your emotions. My wish for you is that you choose to become a deliberate creator of your reality in your world by mastering your thoughts and therefore mastering your emotions so that you take action – not only to lose weight and get fit, but to create anything else you truly desire in your life.

This whole food and weight topic is sooooo only a mask for bigger issues – it’s never about the food or the weight; it’s about your life.


Photo by n0r