Here’s a curious question for you today, something that I’ve thought about myself before: if you won the lottery or came into a large sum of money in some other way, do you think that your eating and exercise habits would change?

I think that I could go either way – perhaps in the beginning I might feel like I could “relax” and eat whatever I want, however I don’t think that would last very long. I would love to construct an at-home gym and hire a personal trainer to work out with me. What about you? Do you think you would lose all control like many lottery winners have, and live a “free for all” lifestyle? Or, do you see yourself using the money to gather more resources to help you change your ways, whether that would be hiring a nutritionist, personal chef, personal trainer, and/or emotional/psychological therapy to uncover your motivators for overeating?

When we look at this further, if you say that you would change your lifestyle for the better, what is stopping you from doing so now? Do you truly need an influx of money before you change your ways, or are you using it as an excuse to put off making healthy changes in your life today?

First, let’s look at what winning the lottery represents (in my mind, at least):

  • More time
  • You could make your own schedule
  • An abundance of finances
  • An easier life

Now, what is truly the difference between today and a lotto win, besides the money? You are in control of your scheduling outside of work obligations, and you can make the time to exercise and prepare healthy meals if you choose to.

While money could hire you a personal chef, nutritionist, and trainer, you don’t really need a personal chef to prepare your meals, a personal trainer to start walking, or a nutritionist to tell you that refined sugar isn’t healthy and that it easily contributes to overweight (besides a whole host of other health problems). Yes, all of these resources could be helpful and make your life easier, but do you really need them to improve your health, lose weight, and shape up today?

So what do you think? Would you change your eating and exercise habits if you won the lottery, and would those changes be for the better or worse? If you would change for the better, what can you do today to make those changes instead of waiting for a future date and time? Leave a comment with your thoughts.