Ok, here’s the deal: I’ve been “trying” to write a post here all week and it became way too much of a struggle to complete it so instead I’m feeling quite inspired to write about this very topic.

Life Is Meant To Be Easy and Simple

Do you believe this? Whether or not you do, it’s true. Life is not meant to be a struggle, it’s meant to be fun, simple, and easy. Am I saying that you can lay around and not take any action at all? No silly, lol. 😉 What I’m saying is that when you do act, it’s meant to be effortless and fun. When you are in your flow, in the flow with your life, you will know because it will feel good and you will feel energized.

If you’re feeling drained and full of struggle then you are going against your flow. Once you let go and release that push, that hard force and struggle however, it all breaks free and flows. 

Think about this: does a flower struggle to grow? Does a cat struggle to stretch, walk, and sleep? Does water struggle to flow downstream? Does the sun struggle to shine it’s light?

We are a part of the same Universe as all of life is and when you are living your unique gifts and talents and sharing those with the world, whatever those talents and gifts may be, then you are living in your flow and you will feel it.

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My Example

Here’s a great example of how I did this with this post I’m writing right now:

Last Saturday I wrote to celebrate the fact that Fearless Fat Loss had turned 2 years old. That post was fun, I was inspired to write it, and I included in it that I’d be writing more this week about the site as a way to celebrate the birthday of Fearless Fat Loss.

Well I wrote that and intended to do it because at that time I thought it was a good idea but I really wasn’t inspired to write more about it a few days later, about the background of Fearless Fat Loss. Doesn’t mean I won’t ever do that, it’s just that this week has taken a different turn and I was quite inspired to write about other thoughts, but I was “stuck” on the thought that I must write about Fearless Fat Loss.

Finally, tonight, I did what always works for me when I’m looking for inspiration and ideas – I washed some dishes. I always get ideas when I do things like this: washing dishes, taking a shower, vacuuming, and of course when I’m skiing.

So, I washed some dishes and I got the thought that “if it’s too hard you’re off track” and instead of continuing to push through the 5 other versions of posts that I’ve been writing (you won’t see those in this post 😉 ), I had the thought to just say “hey, this is the deal” and write about the struggle v.s. flow instead.

What’s It Mean for Weight Loss?

If you are struggling and pushing yourself to get fit, to lose weight, to “make it happen”, I’m sorry to tell ya but you’re off track. And wow, have I been there before? YES! I sure have and know exactly how it feels and I know it’s not fun.

On the other hand, since I had an “A-Ha” moment about 6 months ago and especially when I got into the flow, into the vibration of health and fitness in December and dropped those 7 pounds without effort, my main focus has been on taking inspired action and effortless action – the effortlessness being inspired from within (inspiration = in spirit).

I’ve continued to work with this process and last week I dropped even more weight (9 lbs total but I’d rather say 5 pounds because I think 4 was water), have gotten back down into the 140’s, and I did this with ease and without effort. I am no longer forcing myself to “stay away” from any foods and I naturally want to eat those foods that feel great in my body.

I haven’t been exercising a tremendous amount because that has been feeling forced however I’ve had some inspirations this week to exercise and that is very exciting because I do love how awesome I feel when moving.

That’s My Story

That’s my story of inspiration and effortlessness and without specifically pointing it out I’ve actually accomplished what I set out to do when I wrote the Birthday post last Saturday. This is really really neat because as I am now typing out these words I’m seeing how without trying, I’ve told the story of how Fearless Fat Loss has evolved since it’s inception.

I used to use so much force on myself, trying to make myself change, which is one of the reasons I did many of the experiments on myself that I did. The experiments like:

At the time I did those I wanted to do them but the reason I wanted to (besides to have the experience so I could write about it, which was a main motivation for the experiments) in part was because I wanted to force a change on myself by doing the experiment in public for the smart readers of Fearless Fat Loss.

Even by doing that though, the lessons I learned in the different experiments did not always stick because I was forcing action on myself. Doesn’t mean that they weren’t good experiences or that I did not learn anythig or gain positives – it only means that forced action doesn’t stick, inspired action does.

It All Works Out In The End

So there you go – you learned a bit about how Fearless Fat Loss has changed over the past 2 years and in essence how I have changed. The best thing about all of this is that when you really “get” this at your core and let go of the struggle and force, you’ll be amazed at the amount of energy that you free up for yourself.

This simple act of letting go of the force of writing this post tonight and taking a different route by writing about the real truth of it (instead of giving a synopsis of Fearless Fat Loss’s history) energized me where before I received the idea while washing dishes, I was totally and completely feeling drained.

That’s the most exciting thing to me, just how easy things are when you get into your own flow, and especially how easy it is to lose weight when you get into the flow (vibration) of health and fitness.

Shine ON with your own life’s flow of effortlessness and ease, and enjoy!

If It’s Too Hard You’re Off Track