Hey, it’s June 1st! Happy beginning of the second half of your year, 2009. My question for you today is….

Where do you wish to be 6 months from today?

What will you create over these next 6 months? Will you choose to create a healthy, fit, toned, sexy body for yourself? Or, if you are currently living in an overweight, unhealthy, lethargic body, will you choose to continue to create more of the same?

NOW Is Your Moment

If you made a New Year’s Resolution 6 months ago that 2009 was going to be your year to Finally Do It, and you took action on that commitment you made to yourself, then you will have dropped approximately 24 pounds of fat over the past 6 months. That’s a very conservative amount too, of only about 1 pound per week!

If you did not follow through and take action however, it could be that you have gained weight over the past 6 months. Think of this: how would you feel right now if you had dropped 24 pounds of fat over the past 6 months and you were right now 24 pounds lighter? What if you had been working out and were not only lighter but also fitter today?

Ok, then what if you didn’t take action – what if you were to take action today? Where could you be 6 months from now on New Year’s Eve? How would you feel then?

New Year’s Is Right Around the Corner

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Before you know it the holiday season will be here and you’ll be looking back at this moment, the moment you chose to either move forward, take action and get consciously fit on the inside and the outside…or not. What do you want your outcome to be on New Year’s Eve? What do you want to create for yourself over these next 6 months? Are you choosing to deliberately create your ideal body?

Now is your opportunity to ask yourself these questions and either choose to create a consciously fit and healthy you not only on the outside but also the inside… or not. And do remember, the inner and the outer always always always match. If you force yourself to change physically and you can’t stand the actions you’re taking then you aren’t lined up on the inside and you won’t be able to sustain the physical action. After all, who wants to take action when that action feels like so much of a struggle and a pain? Is that fun?

These are some thoughts for you to consider today, thoughts for you to either take off with and move forward in your own life, or you could choose to wait until New Year’s to create that fit and healthy body and lifestyle for yourself. But if you do that, will you really ever do it?

My wish for you is that you deliberately and powerfully create now not only your ideal body but also your ideal life, and Now is your time to choose to take action towards that outcome. You can always choose to move forward in your Now

Shine ON with the second half of your 2009, and have Fun with it!

Happy Half Year, It’s Almost New Year’s!