Did you know that Anthony Robbins used to have a problem with overeating and was overweight? I had completely forgotten about this until I picked up his Personal Power series again a couple months ago. I’ve actually owned his program for a while now and decided to get it back out and do it. Right in the beginning he mentions how he used to emotionally eat and was overweight when he got off track in his life at one time.

Today I learned that Anthony Robbins has a program specifically focused on weight loss, health and fitness called “The Body You Deserve”. While his Personal Power series is an overall self-improvement course and you can definitely use it to focus on your health and fitness goals, his “Body” program is all about just that – your body. Now I haven’t used this program yet because I’m still working on completing Personal Power (I know, it’s taking me longer than 30 days, LOL), but I listened to the audio preview and I know I’d love it.

I just like Anthony Robbins’ way of teaching; I find him very motivating and I like his voice. If you’re familiar with him you know that he is full of passion for life and for teaching others how to live an extraordinary life. He’s all about getting you to take action now, get leverage on yourself, and associate more pleasure (instead of pain) with the goals that you want to achieve. He helps you get moving now.

I’d interested to know if you own “The Body You Deserve” by Anthony Robbins. If you do, how has it helped you, and what do you like best about it? I’d love to hear if you are using this program, and/or if you have used any of his other programs and applied them to your weight loss and fitness goals.

Getting The Body You Deserve With Anthony Robbins