I have a couple of posts for you to check out in the blogosphere today:

I discovered a new blog called Lauren’s Fitness written by Lauren, a fitness instructor and personal trainer from Australia. I found her blog through Blogging Zoom, a social media site that allows bloggers to submit their own posts without penalty, as well as submit posts from other bloggers and vote on (zoom) posts they like.

Lauren’s blog focuses on workout tips, utilizing her knowledge as an exceptional, personal trainer. She recently wrote a post about how to use a tennis ball to work out trigger points in your muscles to relieve pain. I found her post very interesting after sharing with you in Monday’s weigh in post that I’ve been using my Urban Rebounder to do my cardio. While I’ve been having a lot of fun with it, my knees have started to hurt sometimes and they didn’t before. Lauren’s post points out that knee pain can often be a result of tight calf muscles and that by using a tennis ball to massage out those trigger points in the calves, you can relieve the knee pain (if indeed that is what is causing your knee pain).

I have another post that on the surface, you will wonder why I’m suggesting you read it, because it has nothing to do with weight loss; but give me a chance and you’ll see where I’m going with this.

I found this post when I was using my StumbleUpon toolbar, I Paid 12 Months To Learn These 32 Things. When I started reading it I didn’t know what the author was talking about when he referred to the “kidblogger” and the 13-year old blogger. I thought I was just reading another blogger’s post about blogging. Well I learned that the author is a 13-year old kid (actually he’s 14 now) from the Philippines, and he’s created a high-traffic, profitable blog in just one year. He’s doing awesome, and he’s “just a kid”!

So, you wonder why I’m writing about this? Here’s why – Carl (the 14-year old blogger) is a perfect example of the power of the mind and that what you believe will determine whether or not you attain your goals. Regarding weight loss, no matter how much you say that you want to lose weight, if your belief is that you cannot lose weight, or that losing weight is too hard, or that you’re too old to change, too young to change, don’t know enough to change, etc. etc., then you will not succeed at losing weight.

You see, Carl is young enough where he doesn’t have the programming (belief) that it’s hard to make money, hard to create a high traffic website, or hard to succeed at what he sets his mind to. He also doesn’t have the belief that he needs more time in the day to be successful, or that “it’s too hard”. How do I know this when I have never met or spoken to him? I know this because of his results. Your results will show you your beliefs.

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If you don’t know which beliefs you could have that are holding you back from losing weight, I’ve written several posts on this topic. One I wrote will give you a great technique to discover your limiting beliefs, and another relevant post is about deserving to be thin.

What do you think about these posts? Have you ever used a tennis ball to work out the knots in your muscles? Or, have you changed any of your beliefs that were holding your back from losing weight? If so, please share in a comment!

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