Believe In YouI had a thought today, the thought that there could be people out there in the world who no longer believe that they can accomplish their dreams.

They do not believe that they have the ability to change and therefore believe that they are stuck and will never lose weight and create a healthy, strong, fit body that they’ve always wanted. Maybe I’m speaking about you?

Do You Believe?

If you believe that you cannot change, that you could never change your unhealthy habits and adopt a healthy, loving, self-care routine, then you know what? You’re 100% Right. You cannot change because what you believe to be true is what you believe to be true and until you change your thoughts, you will either remain in the state you are currently in or dig a deeper hole.

Sound maudlin? Well, it’s the way it is: you are in control of what you think and a belief is simply a thought that you have continued to think over and over and over again. You can always find “proof” for your beliefs and actually this is a great example of how the law of attraction works: if you believe you cannot live a healthy lifestyle, lose weight, and get fit, then you will continue to draw to you proof of this. Everywhere you will find proof that you are correct because this is what you tell yourself and your thoughts create your reality.

Are You Feeling Defeated Yet?

Ok, so after reading this are you now feeling totally defeated with even less hope for change? If you do feel like that then you need to go back and read this article from the very beginning because when you really “get” what I’ve written here you will feel the beginning of hope. Why is that? Because if you are the one in control of your thoughts (which you are) and you have created your reality of where you are today (which you have) then this means that you have the power to create something different. Aha? Do you see now? Go back and read again from the top….

You Can Change If You Want To

If you truly wish to change you can start by changing what you believe about yourself, which starts with changing what you tell yourself. If you’ve been telling yourself over and over again that you cannot lose weight and this has become a personal belief of yours then you might wonder how you can begin to change this belief? You can do this by choosing different thoughts.

You are the only thinker in your mind. You can choose the thoughts you think and you can choose different thoughts if the ones you’ve been thinking no longer serve you, and we already know that thinking the thought “I can’t lose weight” isn’t serving you at all – it’s not going to get you what you want.

It’s ok if you don’t have the nuts and bolts yet of exactly how you’re going to lose weight, you’ve got to begin with the belief that you can do it. There’s no point of trying on the next new diet craze (which if you don’t know by now diets don’t work anyway, but lifestyle changes do) if you don’t even believe you can ever succeed and get what you want, so why put yourself through the hassle?

I Can Lose Weight

Start today with the simple change of replacing “I can’t lose weight” with “I can lose weight“. You probably won’t believe it right away but if you consciously choose this thought and continue thinking it over and over and over, guess what will happen – it will become your belief and one day you will actually, truly, madly, deeply believe it. You may be astounded when this happens but you will have created a new belief for yourself by consciously changing your thoughts and choosing “I can lose weight”.

Belief is where it’s at and when you believe you are unstoppable.

Photo by Allie’s.Dad