Do you believe you can get fit and lose weight? Do you believe that you can get into the size you wish to be, wear a bikini and love it, and enjoy the process of losing weight while consciously creating a healthy lifestyle for yourself?

If You Don’t Believe, Who Will?

I’m sure you’ve heard it before: “if you don’t believe in YOU then who Will believe in You?” It’s true, not only in a general sense when it comes to believing in yourself and your own abilities in life, but also when it comes to your belief in your ability to get fit and lose weight.

If you cannot see yourself living in a healthy, fit, strong, sexy body why can’t you? If you don’t believe you can live in a body like that, stay fit, feel great, and maintain your weight loss, then who else will ever believe that you can do that for yourself? How could anyone else in your life support you in a healthy manner to believe in yourself, support you in living a healthy lifestyle, if in your heart you really don’t believe you’ll ever get there?

What Will It Take For You to Believe?

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Do you ascribe to the thought that you first must see it to believe it? Well guess what – that’s completely backwards. Yep. It’s when you believe it that you’ll see it, and not before then. When your belief is so strong and it comes from within, not a forced belief or a “fight of willpower” but an inner belief in yourself…when your inner belief in you is that strong and you believe you can get fit and lose weight then you will.

Of course I don’t suggest that you force yourself to do this, that you force yourself to take action, but I would suggest that you do some inner searching, dig deep, and find your belief in you, and if you find that it’s a real struggle for you to believe that you can change, get fit, and lose weight, then why not ask yourself, “why not?”

What will it take for you to believe in you? What can you do today to begin strengthening your belief in you? What if you looked at all of the healthy and positive accomplishments you’ve already created in your life and focus on those? Can you see how strong your belief was at those times? If you believed in yourself in those circumstances then why not allow yourself to believe that you can accomplish this task of changing your lifestyle to get healthy, get fit, and lose weight?

Sounds like a starting point to me, if you are interested in making some changes now to create who you will be 6 months from now. Why wait any longer? Why not do it now?

Do You Believe You Can Get Fit and Lose Weight?