Conscious MeditationConscious fitness is a part of living a conscious life – are you already living consciously and experiencing conscious fitness in your life today?

If you are interested in achieving the optimum level of health and fitness in your life then you are also striving to live consciously in order to live with full joy and top energy. If on the other hand you were to play at a lower level and choose to live unconsciously then you wouldn’t even “see” the good stuff that would be trying to come into your life, whether that good stuff be people, places, information, or things. The fact is though, that your reading of this article shows that you are truly interested in living your life big and going for full awareness in your being.

This is what I am striving for each day and it’s a basic building block in the foundation of Fearless Fat Loss.

Conscious Living and Conscious Fitness

Living consciously is simply living with full awareness including awareness of your thoughts, emotions, and actions. It also includes taking full responsibility for the results in your life today because until you take full responsibility for yourself, your actions, and your results, you are powerless to make change. Once you take full responsibility you will be in your full, personal power, which is where you need to be to effectively make changes in your life including of course your weight, health, and fitness level.

When you practice conscious fitness you add more of the physical aspects of yourself to your level of awareness while still being aware of your inner world, which is vital to your physical transformation. In conscious fitness you are aware of such physical aspects as:

  • What you put into your body – You are conscious of the ingredients of any food you eat instead of telling yourself that as long as it’s for sale it must be healthy for the body.
  • How your body feels – You pay attention to how your body reacts after eating certain foods and drinking certain beverages. You notice the difference between how you feel when you eat whole foods versus processed foods.
  • Your energy level – You remain aware of your energy levels and how certain people, foods, TV shows, and other things either drain or energize you. You strive to surround yourself with the energy enhancers instead of the energy drainers.
  • Your spiritual connection to source energy – Whether you call source energy the Universe, the Divine, God, your Higher Power, Life Energy, or simply Love, when you live consciously you are aware of how much stronger your connection to Source is when you feed your body healthy foods, get regular exercise, and maintain positive, Life-Enhancing thoughts.

Unconscious Living

On the flip side of conscious living is unconscious living, the kind of living where you’re don’t want to be aware of All That Is or of your own emotions and thoughts. Here are just a couple of actions that crop up when you’re living unconsciously and trying to push away the good stuff in life:

  • Overeating
  • Eating when you aren’t hungry
  • Binging on sugar
  • Endless TV and movie watching
  • Jumping from relationship to relationship
  • Avoiding being alone at all costs
  • Exhausting yourself with mental and/or physical activities each day until you literally drop
  • Depressing, stressful, anxious thinking
  • Continually looking for the next shiny thing that (you think) will turn your life around
  • Looking continuously outside yourself for “the answer”
  • Avoiding physical activity, which will get your blood pumping and wake up your spirit
  • Procrastinating
  • Immersing yourself in anything outside of yourself to keep your mind and emotions away from what’s really eating at you……immersing yourself excessively in things like food, drugs, alcohol, gambling, video games, TV, sex, work, shopping, anything that keeps you in what I call the “away and tuned out” sphere.

Ignorance is Bliss

It’s so true that ignorance is bliss because once you are living consciously you are acutely aware of what you are doing when you choose unconscious, mind-numbing (and body-numbing) living. I’ve experienced this before after living with loads of energy and clarity from feeding my body tons of clean fuel, clean water, and getting regular exercise as well as feeding my mind constant positives.

Then if I go back to the mind-numbing activities like excessive TV watching and body-numbing foods like the processed, manufactured, dead foods then it’s easy to get into that collective matrix consciousness and just want to take a nap as often as possible! When I’ve done this I’ve just wanted more and more of the numbing foods in order to try to “get away” and get unconscious about how I’m feeling underneath it all.

You Always Have Choice

What’s great about becoming aware about where you are at though, is that you always have the choice of which direction you take. You can always choose to wake up and get clear about why you are choosing to go unconscious with the food and whatever else you are using to numb yourself out. You can choose to feel what’s underneath it all and move through it to the other side.

What’s great is that when you choose conscious living and conscious fitness life becomes so much more fun, it’s like a game because you can move in and out of your feelings and levels of thought so much easier. You just need to be willing to go through the sometimes scary and tough times in the beginning of your new awarenesses about yourself and where you are at in life but since the only way out is through, you can just keep breathing and go through it.

I do recommend finding someone to help you through this process whether that be a therapist, a life coach, or a very understanding friend who will listen to you and support you without enabling any excuses you may come up with.

Wake Up Your Consciousness

When it comes down to it though if you really want to go for it in life waking up and getting conscious is where it’s at, and why not since this is your life – why not make it the best that it can possibly be? At least that’s how I see it for myself – I’m not just here for the ride but for the full experience, and of course to keep playing with how to make my life filled with even more joy, more fun, and more ease every single day. Yes, conscious living and conscious fitness is where it’s at – full speed ahead towards more of the good stuff in life, that’s what I say about it! You in?

Photo by alicepopkorn