Nonresistance is the key to the greatest power in the universe – Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth

I caught Oprah today when she had on Valerie Bertellini who shared her story of inspiration and weight loss. I was going to write a post about that but instead I want to let you know about a free, 10-week live webinar that Oprah is starting based on Eckhart Tolle’s new book, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose.

The webinar will begin next Monday, March 3, at 9pm EST and will run for the next 10 weeks at the same time each Monday night. It will be a live webinar with both Eckhart Tolle and Oprah, and you can send in questions ahead of time for the opportunity of having them answered.

I have Eckhart’s previous book (which I also highly recommend), The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment. You can easily guess it is about living in the present moment; the only moment that truly exists. A New Earth is on the same topic of living in the now and moving beyond your ego-based consciousness, which if you’re familiar with A Course in Miracles, you already have a good grasp on.

I haven’t finished A New Earth yet, however I will have by the weekend so that I’m ready for the first lesson on Monday. This is a worldwide event, an event that is truly an awesome example of how the Internet can be used for so much good on this planet.

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

Here’s how to sign up for the free 10-week webinar:

  • If you’re already a member of, click here to sign in and then you will be redirected to the webinar registration page.
  • If you aren’t a member of yet, sign up for a free account.
  • After you submit your membership information, on the next page you will see the box (first in the list) to tick to join “A New Earth” Web Event for Oprah’s Book Club Members.
  • You will receive an email that you will need to confirm in order to activate your membership.
  • You will need to install a particular media player in order to access the webinar, you can do that here.

That’s all there is to it besides reading the book and showing up. 😉

Now you might be wondering why in the heck I recommending you read this book and do the webinar; what does this have to do with weight loss? Well, like you already know if you’ve been with me here at Fearless Fat Loss for awhile (and if you haven’t, welcome!), I believe in a whole body (whole foods and exercise), mind (changing your thoughts), spirit (loving yourself now) prescription to heal overeating and overweight for life.

There is a reason that you overeat (emotional eating, food addiction, misinformation), there is a reason you turn to food to make yourself feel better, and there are thoughts behind all of your actions. There are thoughts you have that are holding you back from breaking free of the self-imposed poor treatment you’re giving yourself, and there are thoughts you could be thinking that would allow you to love yourself today and move beyond self-criticism and self-sabotage.

The more that you (all of us, me included) work on your inner self, even if it doesn’t seem to be directly related to weight loss, the more that you will learn how to achieve peace and happiness in your life today – not when you lose weight, but now. It is by achieving that happiness today that will make it so much easier to naturally treat yourself like your own best friend, live in the now, and move beyond unhealthy lifestyle habits. You see, I firmly believe that by telling someone to just “diet & exercise” that it’s not enough; if it were, why are there so many repeat dieters in this world?

I also have another reason that I’d like you to read A New Earth and do the webinar – because every single person (that means you!) who works on raising their consciousness contributes to a better Earth. We can never change anyone else, only ourselves, and every positive step each of us takes to raise our consciousness and vibration on this Earth, the better space it will be for all of us living here.

So get on over to and sign up. If you don’t have the book yet you can get it here at Amazon and start reading. Maybe we’ll see each over there next Monday night (my user name is allgood108). I’m sure it will be very positive, inspiring, and consciousness raising.