The most important thing you can do for yourself when you want to lose weight and getting fit is pay attention to how you feel and do things that make you feel good.

Actually, this is the most important thing you can do for yourself in your life in general if you wish to create a rockin’ fun, feel-good life for yourself – it’s all about how you feel and if you understand how to use the law of attraction you’re already familiar with this.

What Makes You Feel Good?

The thing is, you’ve got to find out what makes you feel good. What makes life fun for you? And no, the answer is not food. If you’re an overweight overeater I’m going to bet that what you’ve been doing is using food as your drug in an attempt to make yourself feel better.

Or maybe you’re bored with your life, unhappy, depressed, anxious, or filled with self-doubts and you use food to try to alleviate these negative states of being. Well has that worked for you? Are you getting the results you want?

So, what you can do is find out what makes you laugh, what makes you smile, what makes you feel good. What makes YOU feel connected to Source, connected to Life? What makes you feel your best or simply makes you laugh?

Here are a few things you might enjoy, simple yet profound things you could incorporate in your daily life to make yourself feel good:

  • Self-expression: Do you feel good when you write, sing, or perform in some way? Are you an actor, speaker, dancer, story teller? Are you burying these gifts with food because you doubt your talents? If so, then start taking baby steps and express yourself if this is what makes you feel your best. Express yourself on paper, in song, or dance around the living room – you can do this today if self-expression is a key to your feel-good state.
  • Music: Does music turn you on? Do you enjoy chanting? Does music send you into a different realm where you feel really good? If so then get those tunes out and start singing and dancing, or simply listening – whatever makes you feel your best.
  • Meditatation: Do you feel your best when you meditate, focus on your breath, and get connected to Source? Do you feel awesome when you get clear and focused with daily meditation? If so then start a routine of even 5 minutes each morning and get tuned into yourself and feel good.
  • Exercise: Have you truly discovered how awesome exercise feels? Do you feel a natural high after walking non-stop for 30 minutes at a brisk pace? (hint: do this in your target heart rate zone to burn fat) Do you feel grounded and connected to Life when you move your body, move your muscles, and breath?
  • Get Out and Socialize: Do you feel most connected to Life when you’re connecting with others? Do you enjoy having fun with your friends, your family, or your network of business related contacts? Do you have fun exchanging thoughts with others, masterminding about the creative possibilities of life, and engaging in stimulating conversations? Do you feel your best when you are contributing creative ideas to the conversation and helping others recognize their own creative genius?

These are just 5 things you could look at and discover whether or not these are paths you could take to create good feelings about yourself and your life today. You may even find that your true passion in life lies in what makes you feel the best about yourself and that when you are doing whatever that thing is that therein lies a key to your life’s work.

That’s another topic for another day but for now, the fact is that food isn’t going to solve your problems and food won’t make you feel better. In the moment you might think it will but if you’re an overweight overeater then you’re using food in an abusive manner, and I’m going to bet that doesn’t make you feel good.

Instead, what you can do is focus now on what really makes you feel good, on what really gets you going, and then you will begin to discover miracles occurring in your life because when you feel good, that’s when the other good stuff (like a healthy, fit body!) can start coming in. 😉