Thanksgiving Dinner with Family at FearlessFatLoss.comHappy Thanksgiving!

Have you ever looked at the word Thanksgiving? Thanks-Giving. Giving Thanks. A day of Giving Thanks. What if you were to do a day of Thanks Giving for everything you can find to be grateful for?

Hmmm, pretty cool, eh?!

A wonderful, positively focused way to celebrate the day (instead of stuffing yourself with food and feeling bad about yourself afterwards…) is to find unlimited things to be grateful for in your life. Or…at least start with 5!

5 Things To Be Grateful For on Thanksgiving Day

  1. You Are Alive, In a Body. Whether you are unhappy about your body because you’re fat or you are unhappy with your body because you think you’re fat (warning: thoughts create your reality), the fact is that you are alive and you have a body. Isn’t that cool?! You’re alive, you’re here, and you can always make a different choice in how you live your life. At least you’re here!
  2. Every Moment is a Choice. You can always always always choose a higher thought in every moment and by doing so you will create a different future. And it’s a most exciting thing to be grateful for: it’s always your choice and every moment is new. No one is holding you back, except you. Isn’t that cool?!
  3. Look At All That Food! Thanksgiving is a day of bountiful harvest and if you are sitting down to a Thanksgiving dinner today, just look at the abundance of food on the table. What a blessing that you are so abundant. Abundance is abundance and that is something to be grateful for. Look at how abundant you are!
  4. You Are Loved. Look around you today at all of the loving beings who are in your life. Those who are giving you love and kindness and those whom you send love and kindness to. Those who are already present in your life and those who you have yet to meet. There are billions and billions of people on this planet and there is an unending supply of love to go around. That all begins with you though, and it’s very exciting to become aware and be grateful for the fact that you can always allow more love into your life, when you choose to.
  5. There Is An Answer for Every Issue You Have with Food and Your Weight. A very exciting fact to be grateful for on this day of Giving Thanks is the awareness that every issue you have with your body, with how you feel about your body, with every issue you have about food, how you feel about food, all of your beliefs you have about food, etc. etc., your ISSUE with food and your weight…it’s exciting and something to be grateful for that there really IS an answer to clean up all of that. And that’s something to be grateful for! It brings a wonderful feeling of calm and ease, a sense of relief, just having the knowing that at any time you can choose to “clean up” your issue and be done with it forever.

I’m sure that you can come up with 5 more things to be grateful for on this day of Thanksgiving and then 5 more after that! And 5 + 5 + 5 after that. How fun!

I suggest that you come up with at least 5 things to be grateful for every day – don’t save this for one day out of the year! And if you are reading this after you stuffed yourself with food and you’re having a difficult time focusing on anything positive because you’re feeling bad about overeating, head on over and listen to the free call I did on stop fearing holiday weight gain. Have fun with it and Happy Thanksgiving!

Photo Credit mgstanton on Flickr

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