One issue that is rampant among those who use food in an attempt to feel better, to procrastinate, out of boredom, or for any other reason than physical hunger is the issue of Excuses.

Excuses will keep you fat and excuses will keep you stuck. Excuses will also help you to continue to create more of what you already have – negative emotions and an unhealthy, fat, feel-bad body.

Excuses Excuses Excuses

There are so many excuses you can always come up with that will keep you fat, stuck, and unhappy and I’ve selected the top 5 today. Oh, and how do I know that excuses are so prevelant among food abusers? Because I’ve been there and I know this to be true!

Not only do I know this to be true because I’ve been there myself, but also because of all of the people I have spoken with, met, interacted with, guided, inspired, or assisted to move beyond their excuses. The thing is though that the only way you will move beyond your own excuses is if you are willing to do so. If you are more invested in staying stuck in your excuses than you are in releasing them and allowing yourself to get fit, get healthy, and get happy, then you will continue to use your excuses that will keep you fat.

5 Excuses That Will Keep You Fat

  1. I’ll Do It Tomorrow – This is the #1 Excuse that will keep you fat and not only will it keep you fat, it will keep you spinning your wheels in Stuckville. The plain and simple truth is…Tomorrow Never Comes. Today is the Tomorrow that you told yourself would be the Tomorrow when you would change. Today is Always Tomorrow and as long as you continue to use the excuse that you’ll do it tomorrow, you are forever putting off your life and forever living in Stuckville. 
  2. I Don’t Have Time – Everyone on this beautiful planet Earth has the same amount of hours in their day. What does the excuse you use of telling yourself you don’t have time do for you? When will you ever have the time to get fit and lose the fat? When will you ever have the time to lose the excuse? Using the excuse that you don’t have time is an excuse and it is also a value. You Always have enough time for that which you value in your life.
  3. It’s Too Hard – If you believe “it’s too hard”, you’re totally right. You are always right when you tell yourself whatever you tell yourself because that’s what you believe! If you continue to choose to use the excuse that it’s too hard then “it” will be too hard. This is the most interesting of the top 5 excuses that will keep you fat because the easiest thing to do is to lose weight. Simply stick with whole foods, eat more often, use portion control, and move your body. 30 minutes a day of walking in your target heart rate zone works wonders to drop the fat. Simple as that, along with drinking 100 oz of water a day. However what makes losing the fat hard is that you use the excuse that it’s hard and then never take the action that will get you what you want. Therefore, the excuses continue to pay your rent in Stuckville.
  4. She/He Can Do It But I Can’t – This is yet another excuse that will keep you fat, and stuck. While there are different body types, the main thing that will prove you right in this excuse is again your thoughts. If you choose to use this excuse you will keep yourself stuck as it is and won’t take the actions that would prove you “wrong”, so really all of these excuses will always prove you right. Why? Because the excuses are your way of keeping yourself where you are in the space of inaction. Since you aren’t taking the healthy actions that would melt the fat from your body, then you have proven that your excuses are “true”. It’s really a lose-lose proposition for yourself, however the best thing you can do is become aware of the fact that you are using excuses so that you can choose to opt out at any time.  You can always choose to drop your excuses if you want to because they are your thoughts and you are the thinker in your world.
  5. I Can’t Afford It – What is it that you cannot afford? You cannot not afford to invest in yourself to create peace of mind around food and your body, if your quality of life, your serenity, your self-love and relationship with yourself is of value to you. If you do not value these qualities of life then you will use the excuse that you “can’t afford it”, which is the most dangerous excuse of all. When you resist investing in your own health in body, mind, and spirit whether that is investing in healthy food, creating a peaceful environment, a coach to guide and assist you out of your own blind spots, or a quality pair of walking shoes, what you resist is allowing in the healthy life that a part of you tells yourself you desire. This all comes down to what you value though, and if you place a higher value on sticking with the excuses then you will continue to stay where you are.

Thoughts are things and what you think is what you get. Excuses are thoughts you think, thoughts that you believe are “reasons” for not getting what you want, however you are the one in control of your choices and you choose what you think and create in your life. As long as you choose the excuses though, you will stay in the land of inaction and Stuckville.

Excuses Keep You In Stuckville

Choosing excuses will keep you in Stuckville, and having been there myself in the past I can tell you that it’s No Fun and I always say that “If It’s Not Fun, Why Do It?”. It’s not fun to live in Stuckville and it’s also not fun to choose excuses – not only because they will keep you fat but also because they are limiting. And do you really want to live a limited life? Is THAT fun?

My wish for you is that you consciously choose to eliminate all excuses and that you choose to think only those thoughts that will move you forward into the healthy lifestyle you could be living Right Now if you were to choose to do so.

Shine ON with your conscious fitness!