Clutter | Fearless Fat LossDo you have a problem with clutter?

Are you also overweight?

I was thinking about this today, which really isn’t a new thought because I’ve thought it before, but I haven’t ever written about it here at Fearless Fat Loss. What’s inspiring me to write about it now is that I had a different insight into this topic of clutter and how it keeps you fat…

Cluttered Outside = Cluttered Inside

Clutter on the outside means you’ve got clutter on the inside and visa versa. A cluttered inside will create more clutter on the outside and it’s rather difficult to maintain a healthy focus and vision in your life on what you really want to create (a healthy, fit, strong, sexy body) when you’re living in clutter and chaos.

Creating that healthy body, dropping the fat, losing fat and gaining muscle tone does require some focused thought and focused action and when you’re surrounded by clutter your focus is going off in a million different directions. Besides that however, do you feel good when your focus is so scattered, when your energy is going off in all of those directions, when you’re weighed down with the weight of that clutter?

Let’s take a look at my list of how clutter will keep you fat, which will explain more about this topic.

3 Ways Clutter Will Keep You Fat

  1. Clutter clutters up your vibe: Everything has a vibration – you, me, the computer monitor you’re reading this on, the chair you’re sitting on, the trees outside, everything. Clutter is many things lumped together each with their own vibration and the “clutter lump” itself has a vibration. What kind of vibration, you ask? Well you tell me – do you feel good when you’re surrounded by clutter? Does clutter inspire you, uplift you, and spurn you on to do bigger and better things with your life? Or do you run away from it ad soothe yourself with food or have such very little focus in your life because of all that clutter that you cannot stay focused on taking care of you?
  2. Clutter dilutes your focus: This is a continutation of my last thought, which is the fact that clutter makes it very hard for you to stay focused and yes, it does take focus to be able to live a healthy lifestyle filled with healthy actions you take for your fitness in body, mind, and spirit. When you walk in a room or a house filled with clutter your focus is scattered all over the place, you don’t know which way to turn. Your mind is bombarded with all of that clutter, thoughts of “I should put that away, what’s that doing there, where should I put that?”, etc. etc.
  3. Clutter Doesn’t Feel Good: Here’s the #1 reason clutter will keep you fat: clutter doesn’t feel good and if you want to create a healthy, fit, strong, sexy, good-feeling body, you’ve gotta find a way to feel good now. When you’re surrounded by clutter, how do you feel? Do you feel like you’re in control of your life? Do you feel like you’re rockin’ and rollin’, that you’re thriving and having fun? Do you feel joyful, do you feel sexy living in clutter and chaos?? How can you create the body you want when that clutter is bringing you down?

The Inner and The Outer Always Match – Always

Do you know anyone who is healthy and fit on the inside and the outside who lives in clutter? I bet you don’t, and do you know exactly why? Because the inner always matches the outer – always. This is a basic law of the Universe (maybe you’ve heard of  Abraham-Hicks and the Law of Attraction) and it’s something that you cannot change; it’s just how it is. The inner and the outer always match.

So, if you’re living in clutter and confusion on the outside, that’s being manifested from your inside just like an overweight, unhealthy body is manifested from a heavy, unhealthy, out-of-alignment inside. When you observe a person who is really living “high on life”, they’ve really got it together, they don’t live in clutter and confusion. Now realize here that I’m not talking about the extreme of those who are obsessed with cleaning and organization, and you will also find individuals who live in uncluttered areas but are still overweight.

It still comes back to “the inner always matches the outer” and you can easily tell that you’re out of sync on the inside when you’re living in an unhealthy, overweight body on the outside. Beyond that, this issue of clutter will serve to keep you from creating the body you desire if “only” (that’s a huge only because it’s the main factor at play) because it doesn’t make you feel good, and if you understand exactly how to use the law of attraction, the way to get what you want (do you want a healthy, fit body?) is by feeling good now.

Some Thoughts For You Today

So these are some thoughts for you to consider for yourself today if you are someone who is not only overweight but is also living in clutter. In fact, here’s one more thought: how do you feel surrounded by the clutter of junk food? How do you feel surrounded by all of those packages and containers of processed foods? On the other side, how do you feel when your tabletop and counter space is completely clear and you have a bowl of fresh fruit on the table?

If you have a problem with clutter and you want to clean up your vibration so that it’s not weighing you down and keeping you fat, here are a couple of resources you could look into:

  • Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat? I haven’t read this book but I have heard good things about it and it sounds interesting, especially since the author, Peter Walsh, comes from the standpoint that, “It’s not about the pounds, it’s about living the life you deserve in the body you want.” You can check it out and see if it resonates with you.
  • Sacred Space Here’s a book that goes beyond feng shui to help you align the energies in your home and create your own sacred space. It really doesn’t focus on clearing clutter and would be a great step to take after you’ve cleared out the clutter. It’s much more about clearing and aligning the energies in your home however if you are surrounded by clutter you’d need to take care of that first. A bunch of clutter will give you a bunch of blocked energy, which contributes to bringing down your vibration (which doesn’t feel good). Check it out if you are interested in bringing a spirit centered positive space into your home.
  • FlyLady is a website you can check out if you want a daily program to help you get your clutter cleaned out and your house in order. FLY stands for Finally Love Yourself so you can see why I would suggest it to you. You can sign up for free emails that will help you declutter and get a daily routine in place to stay clutter free.

The only thing is….is it’s very easy to collect more clutter in books and information, isn’t it. And information collected without Action taken upon said information only leads to frustration.

All of the highest achievers know that the quickest way to Get Results in your Life and Body is by hiring a highly trained mentor who is already getting Results with her clients. What you Must Do in order to drop the fat and keep it off without struggle is Change Your Inside so that it matches the body you want on the outside. THEN it’s very easy to live healthy and fit – no more struggle.

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