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Self-Love is absolutely essential if you desire permanent weight loss. But how can you completely love yourself if you’re living in fear of what others might think of you? And what if you don’t even accept yourself fully?

What if you’re hating your fat and hating yourself because you can’t stop eating? How much love are you feeling then, for yourself and for your body?

I’m inspired to write this article after watching Bruce Jenner’s interview with Diane Sawyer, which has several wonderful nuggets of learning to help you with your quest for struggle-free permanent weight loss. But first, to clarify, Bruce Jenner doesn’t need to lose weight. Nor is his story about weight loss.

Bruce Jenner shared his story with Diane Sawyer of his life living in fear of what others would think of him if he told them how he felt on the inside, which actually is one of the biggest problems that holds back all human beings: You care MORE about what Other People think about you (or what you think and worry what they might think) than YOU care about your own opinions of yourself!

This faulty Inner Self programming must be released if you are ever going to achieve true freedom in your life. In fact, you cannot achieve true freedom from your food and weight struggles as long as you continue to live in fear of what others might think of you. How can you be yourself when you are afraid of how you will be received? (HINT: Once you learn how to fully accept and approve of yourself, then you’ll stop seeking the approval of others outside of you.)

The fat is the fear. (F.A.T. = Fear Attracting Thoughts) The fat on your body isn’t even the problem.

The fat on your body is only a symptom of the Inner Self problems you have never healed. Once your Inner Self is healed, you will no longer struggle with food and your weight. You’ll be able to drop the fat and keep it off. You’ll be able to achieve permanent weight loss.

Let’s take a look at three things that stood out for me in Bruce Jenner’s interview with Diane Sawyer, which can help you out with your desire to achieve struggle-free permanent weight loss.

3 Secrets Bruce Jenner Can Teach You About Permanent Weight Loss

1.) You’ve gotta get in alignment with YOUrself. The only person in life you can ever be in alignment with is yourself. But if you’re running around worried about what others think and trying to please everyone else. what exactly do you have left for yourself?

On top of this challenge, if you’re also an emotional eater, then you end up trying to fill the hole within you with something that can never ever fill it – food. Unfortunately, food is not the problem, nor is it the solution (this is why those diets haven’t worked for you). However once you get in full alignment with yourself, accepting all parts of you, then you will feel good about YOU and easily be able to drop the fat.

Bruce Jenner interview with Diane SawyerIn his interview with Diane Sawyer, Bruce Jenner described his life as living a lie. He was constantly afraid of disappointing others. He was living in fear.

Finally, he made the decision that enough was enough, and he needed to be true to himself. You don’t need to be struggling with the same issues he has in order to be affected by living in Fear.

Those who are struggling with overeating and overweight are living in Fear! That’s what the Fat is: Fear Attracting Thoughts (F.A.T.). Your Fears need to be released and healed in order to heal your emotional eating, binge eating, and compulsive overeating. In doing the interview with Diane Sawyer, Bruce Jenner is stepping out of his fears and choosing to accept himself fully. He’s no longer willing to hold himself back and live in fear of what others may or may not think of him.

Just imagine, what would your life be like today if you had no fears or worries of what other people might be thinking about your weight gain? Your stomach? Your butt? Or how you look in a bathing suit?

What if you could feel so good about yourself that the #1 opinion of YOU only came from….YOU? What if you could feel so good about yourself that you could accept all of your unhealthy overeating behaviors, so that they you could release them? (HINT: You cannot release what you hate. You only bring it closer to you.)

2.) The Inner and The Outer Always Match (Universal Law). The inner and the outer always match, which is why diets have never worked for you. You see, when you’re fat on the inside, you must be fat on the outside. This is Universal Law, and it’s Good News! Here’s Why:

When you heal your Inner Self and become fit, strong, healthy and confident on the inside, then your outside will match. Your behaviors will match up to allow the fat to drop off and your body will transform to match the Fit YOU on the inside.

In Bruce Jenner’s interview with Diane Sawyer, he spoke about envying women who were comfortable in their own skin because he wasn’t. Today, what he has done, is to become comfortable with himself On the Inside, which is evident by his willingness to “tell all” with Diane Sawyer and Be OK by putting himself out there. As he shared, his next step is that he wants to match up his outside with his inside.

Once you have an Inner Self that matches the body you want on the outside, then weight loss will become the easiest thing for you to do. The Inner and the Outer always match.

3.) Don’t Wait to Learn How to Feel Good in Your Own Skin. Bruce Jenner is 65 years old and he’s been living in fear of being himself for most of his life. He’s not doing it any longer (good for him!) and what you can learn from him is that there’s no reason for YOU to wait to feel good in your own skin. In fact, you must learn how to feel good in your own skin BEFORE weight loss will become super easy for you to do!

Yes, it’s true: in order to make weight loss struggle-free, you need to feel good about yourself and BE OK with yourself right now. Even while you’re overweight.

Most overweight and obese folks resist this and feel a great deal of fear when even considering what I’ve described. Your fear is, “If I feel OK with my fat then I’ll always be fat!”. You mistakenly believe that if you learn how to feel good right now, that you’ll never lose weight. But… exactly how well is your self-criticism working to help you lose weight?

How much more body-hate and body-shame do you need to heap on yourself in order to get yourself to finally lose weight? How will that EVER work, when it never has?

The way out of the struggle is the best (and only) way to go: Heal your Inner Self. Lose weight from the inside out. Heal the Root of your ongoing food and weight struggles. Whatever is driving you to overeat and stuff yourself will not change by doing another food diet. There is no food diet on the planet that can ever heal WHY you abuse yourself with food. And, food diets aren’t supposed to do that for you!

Heal your Inner Self and you’ll break free. You’ll finally get in alignment with yourself, just like Bruce Jenner has decided to do with himself. He’s decided to like himself and embrace himself to BE himself (herself). You cannot argue with a person who is taking the path of self-love and being honest and truthful with himself or herself. Loving yourself, embracing all parts of yourself (even the parts of yourself that you don’t like) is the path to permanent weight loss, as well as a life of joy and freedom.

How to Get Permanent Weight Loss

Permanent weight loss is achieved from the inside out. While diet and exercise do play a part, they are only 10% of the solution. 90% of the solution is mindset. It’s all about your Inner Self. Heal your inner self, learn how to love yourself right now even while overweight, and you’ll be on the path to easy weight loss.

What makes this super easy to do is having a proven, step-by-step system to work with that gives you the proven path (and tools) to permanent weight loss. From the inside out. To heal the root of your ongoing overeating and unhealthy lifestyle behaviors.

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