“Do It Struggle-Free in Twenty Thirteen!”
How to Lose Weight Struggle-Free in 2013

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The F.A.T. Release Coach

  • Are you ready to drop the frustrating back and forth struggle with your weight in Twenty Thirteen and make it YOUR year to become the YOU you’ve always wanted to be? Finally?
  • What if you could stop asking yourself the question, “Why am I so smart and successful, but I can’t succeed with my weight??” because you no longer had any reason to ask that question?
  • What would it be like for you if you no longer had to fight those inner demons who drive you to overeat, to stuff yourself, and to cause you to say, “I can’t stop eating! But I want to lose weight!”

What if it were as easy for you to lose weight as it is for you to overeat? It’s not hard for you to eat too much, is it.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if it were that easy to eat healthy and exercise consistently?! Then, if you had that, what could possibly stop you from dropping the fat and keeping it off?

Schedule Your YOU Time Now to Make 2013 YOUR Year!

YOUR Year to Finally Become the YOU You’ve Always Wanted to Be!

Schedule two reminder alarms in your phone right now for Wednesday, January 9, 2013 at 5:45pm EST and 5:55pm EST so that you make this call a priority for YOU. Don’t allow yet another year to fly by without getting what you’ve always wanted: The body you crave, without the agonizing struggle.

Bookmark this page now if you will be at your computer on Wednesday, January 9 at 6pm EST to listen online.

DATE: Wednesday, January 9, 2013

TIME: 3pm PST, 6pm EST, 11pm GMT

Very fit woman with water bottle

What if you could look like THIS in 2013? And do it without struggle?! Without struggle, force, or self-sabotage. Yay!

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