Snowman Cookies | Fearless Fat Loss

Once you have a weight loss mindset if you want a holiday cookie, you have one! But it’s a completely different mindset that allows you to do that, without stress, worry, or fear of holiday weight gain.


That would be the mindset of a naturally slender person. The one who really CAN “have just one” and be OK with it. The kind of person who does not obsess about having more, or feel guilty about the food they eat.


Once you have a weight loss mindset you learn exactly how to create a healthy relationship with food. For many of my clients that’s the first time in their life that they have had such a healthy relationship with food. Food becomes their friend rather than their enemy; a friend to be respected rather than a crutch to lean on or a quick fix for things that food can never fix.


What if YOU were to give yourself the gift of a weight loss mindset? What if you no longer lived in the struggle, the drama, and the FEAR of holiday weight gain? Or the fear of weight gain at any time of year!


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