Before I began the Six Week Body Makeover by Michael Thurmond, the extent of my cooking was boiling spaghetti, warming up spaghetti sauce, heating up frozen meals in the microwave, baking desserts from scratch (unfortunately I’m good at that) and from packages, and the occasional recipe I would make from a magazine. For the most part, I ate frozen, processed food.

The Six Week Body Makeover is all about getting off the processed food and eating whole, healthy foods instead. You learn how to cook with spices instead of salt, and you have the opportunity to try all sorts of new recipes.

I learned that I enjoy cooking and I love the creative process. I received a comment/question from Lisa in my post regarding my 6WBMO experiment, in which she asked what kinds of recipes I make on this plan, and how family friendly they are. The recipes cover all sorts of categories: chicken, seafood, turkey, beef, condiments, desserts (yes, you just have to plan for them), vegetarian, and more.

In regards to how family friendly they are, this definitely isn’t “diet food”, it’s just getting back to basics and eating “real food”: potatoes, chicken, veggies, etc. One of the “rules” of this plan is that you do not eat food that you don’t like. If you do that, then it would be a diet, which this is not. You should enjoy what you are eating because this is a healthy lifestyle change.

As I mentioned in my original post on the 6WBMO, you do not use added salt/sodium on this plan, but if your family wants to add salt to their meal portion, then they could do so with a shaker. This way you are only preparing one dish, the way that is correct for you (added sodium stalls your weight loss and your results would be frustrating) and anyone else following the 6WMBO, and others can add salt .

I will be posting some of my favorite 6WBMO recipes in the recipe category. Your taste might not be the same as mine (some recipes are spicy/hot), so you can always browse the online 6WBMO recipe exchange if you are following the Six Week Body Makeover.