I remember what it was like before I learned how to cook after purchasing the Six Week Body Makeover so I’m going to be sharing more recipes and cooking tips with you to share what I’ve learned along the way.

You see, before I learned how to cook I mainly ate frozen dinners and other processed foods that had no nutritional value whatsoever, and I never used spices or herbs to cook with; I didn’t know how! I thought that what I was eating was just fine and I wondered why I didn’t lose weight; after all, I worked out for an hour each day on my treadmill. I’ve since learned that it takes the combination of healthy eating and exercise to shed those pounds and create a healthy lifestyle.

Today I eat a good amount of lean proteins, which includes lean chicken or turkey breast, and I buy fresh not frozen. The reason is because frozen chicken breasts (I’ve never found frozen turkey breasts, I imagine they would be the same though) are injected with broth that contains sodium, and that will stall my weight loss. I also check the ingredients of the fresh chicken and turkey breast that I buy to make sure that it doesn’t contain any extras like broth, sodium, or hormones, because many of them do.

Spice Hunter NSA Thai SeasoningMany of my favorite dishes are just so simple that it’s funny. In fact, they really don’t even qualify as “recipes”. Here’s something that I did 2 days ago with 1 pound of Jennie-O Boneless Turkey Breast Tenderloins. The package contains 3 thick strips, which I cut in half and sliced lengthwise. Then I sprinkled each side of the breast with some Spice Hunter NSA (no salt added) Thai seasoning blend.

turkey-strips-before_1.jpgI pre-heated the broiler, leaving the broiler pan in the oven, and then simply laid the strips on the pan. I turned them over after 5-6 minutes and did that only a couple of times before they were done.

These turkey breast strips turned out just fabulous, and they were the easiest things to make. I’ve eaten them cold on salad and heated on their own, either way I love ’em. Besides that they’re fueling my body with clean protein sans the salt, sugar, or other chemicals I would get in pre-seasoned turkey breasts.

Broiled Thai Turkey Strips

By the way, you might notice that the finished product (on plate above) has fewer pieces than what I started with. It was time for dinner when they were done so I just had to eat some. If you try them let me know how you like them!