I have been writing about the fact that most of what I eat is food that I cook at home using whole food. The dishes that I prepare do not contain sugar, salt, dairy, added fat, or refined flour. I have learned that by eliminating these ingredients, I feel 200% better, have more energy, and by utilizing portion control as well as keeping my metabolism up, I lose weight easily. After I reach my goal weight I may try using olive oil again (sparingly), although at this time I do not use it.

I was inspired by a new show that I saw on TV last night (I will edit this to include the url of my post once I publish it today) and thought that it would only be appropriate to have a recipe category that you can use for examples of cooking with whole, fresh, nutritious foods. If you do not normally cook, this will give you options to try out something new.

Dishes made from whole, fresh ingredients can taste marvelous when you use spices and herbs. Sugar substitutes can be used for sweetening, and I do not miss salt at all. Granted, if you currently eat mainly processed foods, you will definitely notice a difference, and the food may taste bland. However, if you want to get off of the processed food and addictive ingredients, these recipes will give you something to work with.

Even though I think it is the healthiest way, the way that I eat may not be the best way for you. I have found that I am allergic to dairy and refined flour, addicted to sugar, and added salt gives me all sorts of grief. However, just because this is my experience, it may not be yours. You are free, of course, to add salt or sugar to the recipes that do not contain these ingredients, even though that would not be my recommendation. If you do so, I would suggest that you remain conscious of whether or not you overeat and cannot stop with just one when you include these ingredients.

I will not have created most of the recipes that I post, and I will always give credit to their source. I am not a master chef and I must follow recipes to the letter. As long as I do so, they turn out wonderfully. My talent with food (unfortunately) lies in baking, and today I do not bake the types of recipes that I used to.

Additionally, most of the recipes I share with you will be favorites of mine, however if I have not tried them yet I will indicate so. I will also share not only original recipes, but also recipes that I have altered based on an original. For the recipes that I have not yet tried myself, I will indicate how I would alter them (for example, to remove sugar or ingredients that would react the same as sugar) so that they would not trigger me to overeat.

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I hope that you enjoy these recipes and that you comment to share your experience with them including likes, dislikes, favorites, or questions.

Introducing the Recipe Category