In a recent post I mentioned that I would start posting some of my favorite Six Week Body Makeover (6WBMO) recipes. There are several that I enjoy, so you will see them posted over time.

Today I have 3 of my favorites that I’d like to share with you. These are recipes that I have made and enjoyed several times, and I would definitely recommend them. Even if you aren’t following the Six Week Body Makeover you could still prepare them of course, however if you are currently eating processed food, you might not find these recipes very tasty because you are eating a high amount of sodium, sugar, and other additives in that processed food.

Your tastes will change on the 6WBMO because you get off of those processed food ingredients and you are “eating clean”, or at least that’s what I like to call it. You’ll be amazed at how different and wonderful whole, healthy foods actually taste when you eliminate processed foods and the addictive ingredients of sugar, flour, unhealthy fats, and added sodium.

  • Chicken Marengo. I love this dish because it’s so healthy, but it’s just like those unhealthy, processed, sodium laden (Lipton, Uncle Ben’s, etc.) rice packages that I used to prepare with chicken all of the time. In fact the author of the recipe modified an Uncle Ben’s rice recipe to create this.
  • Shrimp and Scallop Scampi Pasta. I have only prepared this recipe with either scallops or shrimp, not both, but there is no reason not to make it as it’s written. It’s very very tasty, and I add extra crushed red pepper. LOVE it!!
  • Diet Cola Chicken. This is one of the easiest recipes to make and one of the best tasting. You use Diet Rite cola since it doesn’t contain any sodium. This dish works great over plain rice, and I’ve always made it without the mushrooms, however there’s no reason that you couldn’t include them.

If you make any of these feel free to leave a comment to share how you liked it. I’d also be interested to know if you are following the Six Week Body Makeover, because it does make a large difference in your taste buds. Also, as I mentioned earlier this week, you could make these recipes for yourself and give the salt shaker to the rest of the family, if they eat added salt.