Yes, it’s true; George Foreman is my new best friend. Well, not George himself, but the George Foreman Grill. While George might be a great guy, I’ve never met him. 😉

I’ve had a George Foreman Grill for quite a few years now. In fact, I bought it and used it once or twice and then put it in storage. When I bought it over 5 years ago, I wasn’t eating clean like I am now, in fact I didn’t know how to eat. I mainly ate frozen dinners, boxed foods that you add water to, and canned stuff. I didn’t know how to cook with spices and herbs, how to use portion control, or really how to do much of anything when it came to healthy eating.

Since I wasn’t on a healthy eating plan, I suppose it makes sense that I wasn’t all that interested in my George Foreman Grill, because I wasn’t cooking anything for myself! Well, all that changed when I learned how to eat healthy and exercise productively with the Six Week Body Makeover in January, 2004. Even at that time though, I wasn’t thinking about my grill that was packed away.

A month ago something sparked me and I remembered that I owned one of these handy grills. I got it out and thought I’d give it another try, and surprise surprise, I’m really digging it. 🙂 It’s quick and easy, and the food I’ve made tastes great.

Since I unpacked it, I’ve used it to grill chicken and fish. It took 2 minutes to grill a piece of Tilapia, and 5 minutes to grill chicken tenders (I slice up a chicken breast into tenders). I also grilled a whole chicken breast, which took 10 minutes. I actually prefer grilling the tenders because the chicken breasts are rather thick, and I’m confident that the tenders are cooked all the way through.

The other thing that is great about this grill is that it’s so much easier to cleanup than my broiler pan. While my top choice is grilling on the propane grill outside, I’ve liked using the oven broiler, too. The only downside is the cleanup, besides it taking longer to cook. With my George Foreman Grill, the cleanup is simple and easy, and it’s super quick to cook with.

If you’re like I was a few years ago and you’re just learning to cook, I highly recommend checking into a George Foreman Grill. Even if you’ve been cooking your whole life though, this grill easily cooks your lean proteins without added fats and grease.

If you already own a George Foreman Grill, I’d love to hear how you like it. I own a Champ Grill, which is on the small side (I can cook one whole chicken breast at a time). If I bought another one, I’d get a larger size, but I’m grateful for the one that I have.