DandelionYou may have already realized this, being the smart reader of Fearless Fat Loss that you are 😉 , but Fearless Fat Loss is about sooooo much more than weight loss – Fearless Fat Loss is about life.

Judie stated it in her comment on my post 3 Reasons to Drop Perfectionism to Lose Weight and she’s so right – this is about your life in general, not just about how to lose weight and get fit. The thing is, it’s kinda hard to get rid of your body, it sorta tags along with ya wherever you may go, and if you’re not happy with it, this colors every other area of your life. Conversely, the actions you take to get fit in body, mind, and spirit are actions that effect your life in general.

The Inner Always Matches the Outer – Always

This is one of my favorite Abraham-Hicks quotes and it’s simply the plain ‘ole truth: the inner and the outer always match – always. If you’re living fit, healthy, positive, fun, and joyous on the inside, guess what your outside will look like either today or in your future? On the other hand if you’re living confused, frustrated, unhappy, and guilty (about overeating, wasted time, gaining weight, etc.) on the inside, is it any wonder you’ve got a body that you’re not happy with?

You can see proof of this in other areas of your life, too – if you live in clutter, disorganization, and chaos, what’s on your inside? The same kind of clutter, disorganization, and chaotic thoughts. If you maintain clarity, peace, positivity, belief, trust, and love on the inside, what kind of world will you live in on the outside?

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Yes, Fearless Fat Loss is about life and the more of the inner work you do on yourself to bring your inner self into balance so that you can create the healthy, fit, strong, sexy body that you wish to live in, the more the rest of your life will fall into place – you cannot help it and it sure makes life more F.U.N.!

Thoughts For The Day

These are simply some thoughts for you today, thoughts to consider whenever you tell yourself that you don’t have time for your health and fitness, thoughts to consider when you tell yourself that you’ll wait and “do it tomorrow” or “do it next Monday, next month, after the holidays, or at New Year’s”.

These are thoughts you can consider when you feel frustrated with how much weight you’ve gained and how you feel like it’s hopeless for you to get that weight off, meaning that any time you put into creating a healthy, effortless, fun lifestyle for yourself that allows that extra weight to drop from your body is a highly valuable investment of your time, since you aren’t only working on your physical self but on your total fitness in body, mind, and spirit.

That is, if you are going about it from the inside out instead of merely forcing yourself to take physical actions (diet and exercise) that you really have no desire to even do, especially because it feels like such a struggle.

Yes, Fearless Fat Loss is about life in general and those actions you take to improve your health and fitness in body, mind, and spirit will “spill over” into the rest of your life, helping it be so much more fun and joyous for you. I mean, who wouldn’t want to feel great, have more self-confidence, more inner peace, and loads of energy?

Those are just some of the benfits you’ll reap in the rest of your life when you make the decision to get fit from the inside out – how F.U.N. is that?!

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Fearless Fat Loss Is About Life