So how is your New Year’s Resolution going?

Are you following through on all of the goals you set for yourself? Are you taking clear, concise action with your healthy action plan and taking off the unhealthy weight in a healthy manner? Are you seeing yourself fit, toned, and strong at your end goal?

If so then keep on keepin’ on – you’re doing great. What I’d like to know is since Super Bowl Sunday is on, well, this Sunday, February 1st, are you going to allow the Big Game to throw you off your Big Game?

Super Bowl Sunday – Thanksgiving in the New Year

Surprisingly (or maybe not) Super Bowl Sunday is a day of gluttony second only to Thanksgiving. You do, however, have a choice in the matter of whether or not you have a super fun time at your Super Bowl party by enjoying the game, your friends, and your family, or whether you make it a day that is all about the food.

You also have the choice that if you do make it “all about the food” that you make healthy choices for yourself and eat only what you like, when you’re hungry, and stop when you’re full. If on the other hand you’re more focused on “what’s to eat” instead of on the fun of the game and socializing, then you might want to ask yourself what that’s all about…

Are you living to eat or are you eating to live? Do you find yourself more interested in what’s on the menu instead of what the conversation is about, or in this case, who’s winning the game?

Holidays – An Excuse to Overeat?

Just a couple thoughts for you to consider if you are one who looks at holidays as an excuse to stuff yourself with food instead of just another opportunity to get together with loved ones and have fun. What can happen is if you do use holidays as an excuse to overeat and then you feel guilty afterwards, what do you think you’re going to do then? Well, if you were doing great with your healthy action plan, your Big Game up until this point, you’ll probably be thrown off of it if you allow yourself to indulge in guilt. Then you’ll be back at square one, or worse.

Now if you can overeat one day and not feel guilty about it and then get right back to your healthy weight loss action plan then just keep on doing what you’re doing. Either way it is your choice – your choice how you want to view Super Bowl Sunday and whether or not you’ll allow it to throw you off your game, and that’s really what’s exciting – that it’s always your choice.