Bikini JumpHow was your Memorial Day weekend? Did you keep the focus on the fun instead of on the food?

Did you thoroughly enjoy spending time with your family and friends or were you more interested in having a “holiday” from healthy eating? How do you feel right now about how you spent your long weekend?

If you feel awesome about how you spent your weekend and you enjoyed treating yourself and others with love, kindness, health and joy, then Rock On! If on the other hand you were mainly interested in what was on the menu and you couldn’t wait to “dive in” to the food table instead of the pool, then how does that work for you?

Does that action make you feel good about yourself? Do you have loads of energy and enthusiasm in your life or are you being “brought down by the food” with every holiday, vacation, birthday or any other kind of celebration?

A Healthy Lifestyle Follows You Everywhere

When you create a healthy lifestyle for yourself which includes a healthy relationship with food, your body, yourself, and life on this planet Earth in general, then whenever a holiday comes up you won’t be thrown off course because your main focus in life won’t be about the food. When you’re living a consciously fit lifestyle you make your choices about the food you feed your body and the movement you engage in – the kinds of physical exercise that you enjoy.

A life like this is a life of peace and joy, a life of effortless action that comes from inspiration from the inside rather than forcing action on yourself from the outside.

On the other hand if you’re constantly forcing yourself to diet and exercise and you’re fighting it with every step you take, just how much fun is that? If that’s what you do to yourself it would make sense that you’d look for some “way out” and go wild on a long holiday weekend. However, if your lifestyle is healthy and consciouly fit in body, mind, and spirit, then when a holiday comes up you don’t dread gaining weight, looking bad in your bathing suit, or looking bad in that New Year’s Eve dress (hey, it will be here before you know it!).

The Start of Bikini Season

Just a couple of months ago we were starting the New Year of 2009. Now, just 4 months later, we’re beginning Bikini Season. Where do you want to be in a few months on New Year’s Eve? Do you want to be living a consciously fit lifestyle or do you want to be going through the same thing you went through on Memorial Day weekend if you’re one of the many who focused on the food over the holiday?

Would it be easier to live a healthy lifestyle and do that now while releasing the excess weight or would it be easier to continue the yo-yo of forcing yourself to take action, that force that isn’t fun?

My wish for you is that you do choose to live consciously fit to live with F.U.N. and joy now because it’s by living in joy NOW that is just so much fun and will help you to continue on your consciously fit path. After all, why would you even stay the course of living consciously fit to not only lose weight but also get fit if you’re not having any fun? Yeah, who wants to struggle and strain, right?

Here’s to a successful bikini season for you, a season filled with love, joy, health, and ease… and air conditioning too, if it gets really really hot out there. 😉

Photo by Xosé Castro