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Inaugurate: to make a formal beginning of; initiate; commence; begin

As you know, today is the day that President Barack Obama was inaugurated into the White House. Today signifies a massive change in leadership for the United States and brings hope and a positive outlook for the future, not only for Americans but for people worldwide who have been following these changes since the election.

A Pivot Day in History

Today on CNN I heard one of the reporters refer to today as a “pivot day” in American History, a day that will be looked upon as one of those days of major significance throughout history. Well what if you make a bit of your own history today?

Since we focus on your fitness in body, mind and spirit here at Fearless Fat Loss let’s take a quick look at how you can piggyback on the hope and joy that is in the air today and choose to make today your own pivot point in your own life’s history.

Make Today Your Pivot Day

You might have given up hope on yourself, on your ability to get what you want when it comes to achieving your goal of a fit, toned, healthy body. You may have been telling yourself that you’d “do it tomorrow” but guess what – Today is that Tomorrow you promised yourself….it’s here now!

So wouldn’t it be super neat if today, on this pivot day in American history, that you took control of your own history and made this Your Day to Pivot and Change?! Why not use the momentum and excitement that is flowing through the country and the world today and hop on your own bandwagon – your own bandwagon of health, fitness, and kindness towards yourself.

This Is YOUR Day to Change and Make History

You can choose to make today your day to change. You can make this be your day that will “go down in history” – your history!

You can make a commitment to yourself today that you will make healthy choices for yourself from now on, that you will dump that dead, toxic processed food that drains your energy and choose healthy, whole foods that feed your body energy and vitality.

Inaugurate Yourself into a Healthy & Fit Lifestyle – Today!

Here’s one more thought to get you going – did you read the definition of the word inaugurate at the top of this post? Inauguration is about beginning, and how can you begin until you decide to take action?

No, you’re not the President of the United States but you are the president, the president of YOU. You are the CEO and Executive in Chief of your own corporation. What corporation is that? It’s YOU, your own body, mind, and spirit. You are the manager and the sole owner of YOU and you can choose to inaugurate yourself into a fit & healthy lifestyle today. You will then be able to look back on this day as the day that you took control of your own life, your own health and fitness in body, mind, and spirit.

You can make a commitment to yourself that today is your day to inaugurate yourself into a healthy and fit lifestyle. Every moment you have the choice to take a healthy action that inspires and motivates you to do more, or you have the choice to continue doing the same things you’ve been doing…those actions that drain your energy, make you overweight, fat, and unhealthy…actions that not only turn your body toxic but also your mind. Yeah, when you feel bad in your body it’s kinda hard to maintain a healthy, fit, positive attitude!

Make Today your Pivot Day in the history of YOU and make that commitment to yourself to live healthy and fit from this moment on. Shine On!

Photo by Tony the Misfit