Yoga SunsetHere’s a fact: you cannot separate the mind, body, and spirit. You can try to – you can segment yourself into little bits but this is when you’ll run into trouble…which doesn’t feel good…and you do want to feel good, right?!

The outer (body) always reflects and mirrors the inner (mind and emotions) and your vehicle for your spirit on this Earth plane is your body. Taking this even further, the largest part of you is not your body but is the vibrational being that you are. You are energy and with your thoughts and emotions you create not only the state of being in your body but also your life. So…if you want to create a healthy, fit, sexy, strong, fabulous body, you’ve got to be these things on the inside (remember, the inner always matches the outer). 😉

Human Consciousness – On the Rise

So on this whole topic of consciousness and enlightenment…what’s really exciting about this time we live in today is that there are more and more people on this Earth who are becoming more and more conscious (aware) each day. They (maybe you!) are tuning in and taking off the blinders. They are walking out of the Matrix (that addictive, processed food haze, in this case) and waking up and getting honest – with themselves that is, since that’s where all change begins, with awareness and self-honesty. 

Living a Consciously Fit, Healthy Lifestyle

What I’m getting at today is that The Fit Shack is about fitness for body, mind, and spirit (well, you already know that). It’s about living a consciously fit lifestyle, not only in mind and spirit, but also in body, which is the point of all of this today – the body. So what does this mean, to live consciously fit? When you live a consciously fit lifestyle you take 100% responsibility for your life, your thoughts, your emotions, and your results. You take your personal power back and you realize that, “if it is to be it’s up to me!”

You stop placing blame on anything outside of you, on all of those fad diets you’ve tried that didn’t work, on the never-ending barrage of fast food and processed food that is available everywhere, on the people who don’t support you in living a consciously fit lifestyle (you know, those people who try to sabotage you cuz they can’t stand seeing you feel good), and instead you realize that in the end, it all comes down to the choices that you choose to make.

It is your choice to think the thoughts that you do, to take the actions that you do, to keep the company that you do, and to feed your body what you do. Now it is beyond the truth that there are ingredients in processed food that can make it very difficult for you to detox from them and get clean, healthy, and fit, not only in your body but in your mind and emotions (ever experienced a massive shift in FOCUS from getting clean?), but still, it is your choice when you decide to get conscious, get clean, and get fit.

What’s That Ingredient??

Living a consciously fit lifestyle means that you are totally aware (conscious) of what you are putting into your body, i.e.: you read and understand the labels on the food you purchase and eat. You are conscious of the fact that just because a food item is for sale on the store shelf that it doesn’t mean it’s going to help you feel awesome, much less give you vibrant health and focus. Hey, we’re not even talking about your weight here, but it goes without saying that dead, processed foods don’t make your body sing like whole foods do. 😉

When you get conscious and get fit it is your conscious choice if you wish to put unhealthy foods into your body but when you are aware and knowledgeable about exactly what’s in those foods you choose to eat then it’s a conscious choice you’re making to put them in your body.

That’s a whole different story then if you are sucked in by the advertising loopholes in tandem with the FDA that lead you to think, for example, that a product doesn’t contain MSG when it does – it’s just hidden is all. So, when you are conscious and knowledgeable of all of the various names for MSG and you can spot them on a label, you’re now making a conscious decision about whether or not you wish to feed your body that food (if MSG is safe, why is it hidden?).

It’s All Your Choice, Your Conscious Choice

This is only one example, the point being that when you are fully tuned in to how your body feels when you feed it whole, healthy, non-processed or very minimally processed foods, sans the refined sugars, MSG, and various and sundry additives, preservatives, etc. etc., then you have the experience of feeling awesome from eating clean. There simply is no substitute for whole, clean foods – processed foods cannot give the body the vibrant energy that whole foods do and living a fully conscious, fit, healthy lifestyle means that you’re really going for feeling your very best and being your very best, hence you would naturally choose to feed your body those high-vibing whole foods.

It’s also vitally important to remember that your thoughts and emotions are effected by the products you ingest (the body sees food as a drug), the food and drink you choose, and like I said in the beginning, you cannot separate the mind, body, and spirit.

Weight Loss – Great Benefit but only One of Many

When you make the conscious choice to clean up your act when it comes to what you’re feeding your body (and your mind!), the results go way beyond weight loss to increased mental and emotional clarity, heightened focus, and vibrant energy – none of which are found on the shelves filled with sugar, sodium, and chemical laden processed, dead foods.

Living a conscious, fit, healthy lifestyle is about so much more than weight loss but rest assured, you’re not going to be living in an obese, unhealthy, unhappy, tired body when you choose to get conscious, get clean, and get fit.

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