Happy New Year blue and red | Fearless Fat Loss Happy New Year!

It’s time to make weight loss easy for yourself!

Now is your time to decide to take action get a weight loss mindset so that you can lose weight without struggle.

To lose weight without that battle and tug-o-war that continues to wage within you.

You know what I mean:

You have a part of you that wants to lose weight, get fit, and have a cute, slender, sexy slim body.

But then you have that part of yourself that wants to keep on eating. That part of you that makes you ask, “Why can’t I stop eating? I’m so smart and successful in my business life so it’s NOT that I’m not intelligent, but I just can’t stop eating and lose weight!”

Those internal battles within you make you sabotage yourself, lose 10 pounds and gain it all back (plus an extra 5 pounds!), and overall you just keep feeling bad about it, which makes sense! Why wouldn’t you feel bad about not being able to break that cycle?

And then, you keep telling yourself that you should be able to figure it all out on your own. But…how is that working for you? If you could have solved your ongoing food and weight struggles all by yourself then wouldn’t you have done that a very long time ago?

Would there be any reason that you’d be struggling today if you could have stopped sabotaging yourself all on your own?

Of course not! You’d already be at your goal weight by now and you’d be maintaining it with ease, if you’d already healed the root of your weight problems years ago! Which you would have done, if you could have figured this out all on your own.

But What About Happy New Year?!

Ok, yes, I know that today is April 1, 2013. So I suppose that this could qualify for an April fools joke, but really….here’s the truth:

Your Life is NOT a joke. Don’t you agree?

Here’s what I mean:

If you made a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight three months ago and you already had a weight loss mindset on January 1, 2013, then today at the very least you would already be 13 Pounds Lighter!

You would have lost 13 pounds without any struggle since a weight loss mindset makes weight loss very easy for you! Yes, it’s a fact: Your Mindset is 90% of your problem today. Solve that ninety percent and you’ll have an easy time doing the 10% (diet and exercise).

Additionally, that’s only a one pound loss per week over the past 13 weeks that have already passed since January 1. But what if you’d dropped two pounds per week? That means that today you would be 26 Pounds Lighter!

How would you feel about yourself, about your life, about your body, and about YOU overall if you had no struggle following through with healthy eating, regular exercise, and consistent action without self-sabotage and struggle?

Questions to Ask Yourself:

If you’re stuck in struggle and you’d love to make the remaining nine months of this year be your best yet (essentially, start your New Year over again, starting today!) then here are some questions you can ask yourself:

(Write all of these questions and your answers down on paper, with pen. If you attempt to do this in your head or on a keyboard then you won’t get much out of this.)

1.) What exactly is it costing me to continue to live with my ongoing food and weight struggles?

Make a complete list of all of the costs you are living with today as a result of your self-sabotage, weight losses followed by weight regains, and how your inability to solve this problem permanently on your own has impacted your self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, and then how these results impact all areas of your life.

NOTE: All of these struggles are due to your mindset. An F.A.T. Mindset is grounded in Fear Attracting Thoughts. An F.A.T. Mindset matches the excess physical fat on your body. You’d make weight loss easy for yourself if you were to get a weight loss mindset!

Go through all four life areas: Fitness, Finances, Faith (your spiritual connection) and Family (this area covers ALL relationships in your life).

Make a complete list of all of the costs you’ve lived with over time as a result of your food and weight struggles in all of these major life areas including lost opportunities, inability to believe in yourself and go for the new business, ask for the raise, go out on dates, communicate clearly in your current relationship, feel good in your own skin, have sex with the lights on, feel happy with yourself (whether single or married), be a fantastic example of an empowered, feeling-good mother to all of your children, the belief you have in yourself in this Universe, etc. etc. etc.

Your Mind and Body go with you into every area of your life. You cannot leave them behind. Therefore how you FEEL about yourself, your weight, your body, and YOU overall will either support you in living your Best Life or how you feel about yourself, your weight, and your body will hold you back from ever living the Life you’ve always dreamed of.

2.) How is it working for me to solve these problems on my own?

How many years have you been struggling? How to find out: As you go back in time through your memories until you reach your oldest memory then come back up to the time of your first memories of any kind of negativity about your body, about your weight, about food, anything along those lines. Maybe someone called you fat. Maybe you weren’t even overweight but you thought you were!

Now, take that age and subtract it from your current age. Those are your total years of struggle.

How you can know for certain: Even if you’ve had times when you thought you weren’t struggling, if you’re still struggling today then the root of your struggles has never been healed.

3.) How many more years am I willing to keep struggling while I continue trying to “figure it out” all on my own?

The truth is that it’s really very simple: If you want to end your struggles, stop sabotaging yourself, and lose weight and keep it off….if you want to make weight loss easy for yourself then the quickest way to do that is by following a step-by-step proven system that  has already been proven to work.

Time is money, and you can either continue to live with the costs of your struggles, or you can invest in your mind, body, and life to heal this problem and then live with the positive dividends of your investment in YOU for the rest of your life.

How would you feel to be living IN the body of your dreams and doing it without struggling? Without feeling deprived? Without obsessing about food?

How would you feel about you to end your struggles and feel good in your own skin?

Notice if your mind goes right to the same old thought of “What’s it going to cost?”. If that’s where you go in your mind then go back up to question number one and do that same exercise again pen on paper. Costs are negatives. Investments are positives. You’ll never achieve permanent weight loss through a cost. You’re already living with the costs.

That thought of “What’s it going to cost me?” is another sign of an F.A.T. Mindset. That’s a mindset filled with Fear Attracting Thoughts and it’s an ideal match to an overweight body and overeating behaviors. If you let it it will continue to keep you stuck right where you are.

The right question to ask is “What is My Life worth?”. More good questions to ask are, “What is my peace of mind worth?” and “Do I believe that I deserve to get a weight loss mindset, so that I can make weight loss easy for myself?”

What is permanent weight loss worth to you? If you could start over today and make April 1, 2013 the New Year for YOU then what would you feel like to live it without that annoying internal struggle between the parts of you that want to lose weight and the part of you that wants to eat that entire box of cookies while sitting on the couch, telling yourself that “Tomorrow I’ll change!!”

To Get Results

To get results and end your ongoing food and weight struggles here’s your first step: Click here to apply for a complimentary weight loss discovery session.

This is for you if you’ve done the exercises above on paper with pen and you can clearly see that YOU are worth it. You feel fed up with the struggle, you feel fed up with the wasted years of losing out on life, and you want your new life in your new body and New Mindset to begin now.

You are not willing to make any more excuses for yourself and you deeply desire to become the YOU you’ve always known you could be.

If this is you and you’d love to stop asking yourself, “How is it possible that I’m so smart and successful in my business life but I can’t lose weight and keep it off?!” then apply for a complimentary discovery session now! I’d be happy to see if or how I could help you achieve the goal that has always alluded you: struggle-free lasting success with your weight.

It feels great once you get a weight loss mindset. That’s when you’ll truly make weight loss easy for yourself.