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Otherwise….if it’s not immediate and instantaneous, you give up and search for something else….and on it goes (more on The Feverish Search below).

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Have you ever calculated exactly How LONG fast fat loss really takes?

How Long Fast Fat Loss REALLY Takes

Let’s dissect the pattern you’ve been in. The same pattern that my inspiring clients who have Graduated The Inner Self Diet™ used to be in, prior to doing the proven steps of my step-by-step system to struggle-free permanent weight loss.

Here’s the pattern:

As you think back now and go all the way back in your memories to your very first memories as a very small child….and now come back up to the first memories you have of any kind of negativity and struggle with your body, body image, weight, food, anything along these lines.

You might not have even been overweight back then (I wasn’t when I started struggling) but you either thought you were fat or someone told you you were gaining weight, and you needed to go on a diet.

Take that age and subtract it from your current age. The number you get is the number of years you have been struggling with the topic of food and your weight overall. Even if you’ve had some time in there when you weren’t overweight, if you’re still struggling today then you’ve never healed the root of your lifelong struggle.

Next, starting with that very first diet you did so that you could lose weight as fast as possible and then “Be OK”, look at the results you got.

You might have lost weight, but then how quickly did you regain it?

Universal Law: The Inner and the Outer always match. Therefore you cannot make a change on the outside and maintain that change when you’ve never transformed on the inside.

Then, after you regained the weight you lost (plus an extra 5 or 10 pounds!) you were now on the hunt for the next diet, diet pill, diet shake, any quick fix. To get that fat off FAST!!

And then…..you did find another new diet! Since every day a doctor or diet guru is writing another new diet to tell you what to eat and what not to eat (gosh, how can one know WHAT is OK to eat after all of the contradictions?) there’s always some new fad diet, or perhaps a healthy diet program that comes out on the market.

So…you did that diet or weight loss program. Why? Because you HAD to Lose That Fat FAST!! “Get it off of me NOW!! I can’t Be OK until I’m thin and until that scale says XXX pounds! THEN I’ll be happy…”

Your Results: If you stuck with the diet and lost weight, then you had a fleeting feeling of happiness, until you ate that Forbidden Food. And then…you just couldn’t stop eating. And the weight came back on with a vengeance, plus another 10 pounds (or more)!

Remember….we’re still waaaaaay back in your history. This is only the second time you tried to lose weight fast and get that Fat Off FAST.

And….you know the rest….the ongoing chase for the next Fast Fat Loss diet. The newest cleanse to rid you of your fat, which only served to grow your obsessions with food and your body, which in turn increased your worry, fears of always being fat, and feelings of failure.

And then…the years roll quickly by. The first 10 years starting in childhood go by quickly, while you’re struggling with body image and not feeling good enough. Then the next 10 years, 20 years, each year doing at minimum one new diet, maybe 3, maybe 5, losing weight, regaining weight, with the yearly New Year’s Resolutions thrown in for good measure. And the yearly “I’ve gotta be XXX pounds by my birthday/anniversary/reunion!!!”.

But still….even today….you’re STILL looking for the newest FAST FAT LOSS diet.

Definition of Insanity: Continuing to do the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result. ~ Albert Einstein

Then What?? ….

And then what? What happens when you do that new diet that promises to help you lose 20 pounds in 2 months? What happens if you do follow through and lose the weight? How long until you gain it back again, since the core of your Inner Self has not transformed?

And so…how long DOES Fast Fat Loss REALLY take? Depending on your age, if you’re like Sophia, a Graduate of The Inner Self Diet™, before doing the proven steps of TISD she had been struggling for 6 years with food and her weight. She was 19 years old when she enrolled in The Inner Self Diet™ to release her ongoing battles with food and her weight. Today eating healthy and going to the gym is the easiest thing for her to do.

If you’re like Marsha, another Graduate of The Inner Self Diet™, before doing the proven steps of TISD she had been struggling for 49 years with food and her weight. She was 63 years old when she enrolled in The Inner Self Diet™ and YES, she released ALL of her 49 years of struggle after only a few short weeks.

“Even though I “hoped” that this program would work, I honestly did not know that I could experience struggle-free living in regard to food. Now this is FREEDOM!!!

To have that lifelong struggle gone….yes, it feels like freedom. I am not controlled by the compulsion to overeat or to eat unhealthy foods. Since overeating and obsessingover“overeating” and being overweight had dominated my thought process and my life for decades, I feel wonderful that I can live FREE of the tyranny of compulsive overeating.” ~ Marsha S., Texas 

The answer to how long fast fat loss really takes is this: It takes your LIFETIME. Because until you get a weight loss mindset, you’ll never be able to keep the weight off. You can lose it as many times as you do, but you cannot force yourself to be something on the outside that you are not first on the inside.

Good News: A Weight Loss Mindset Will Stop This Madness

Here’s the truth: If you LIKE your ongoing search and struggle for the next and newest Fast Fat Loss cure, then it’s certainly your choice to keep it.

That’s not what I want nor do my inspiring clients in the Inner Self Diet want that! In fact, what my clients have done is put an end to that struggle. They no longer search for the newest fad diet because they don’t need to. The madness has been released from their life and they use that energy to focus on living the LIFE they love while in a body they love.

Yes, once you take just a tiny amount of time out of your lifetime of struggle and searching, you can actually put ALL of that agony behind you.

“Eight years of therapy never gave me the results that 8 weeks in The Inner Self Diet did. I have a completely different perspective on myself now. I feel reborn and my weight loss and eating is completely struggle-free. Food no longer pulls me. It’s just food.” ~ Nancy from NJ, Graduate of The Inner Self Diet™

This is what my clients in The Inner Self Diet™ do. And they get the results of ending that struggle. They no longer spend time searching for the next and Greatest Fastest Bestest Fast Fat Loss cure.

They no longer waste time with fad diets or crazy concoctions.

There is no reason to feverishly search for a cure to your fat when you have a weight loss mindset. A weight loss mindset gives you the results of struggle-free freedom with your weight. A weight loss mindset makes is very very easy to drop the fat and keep it off.

When you have The Inner Self Diet™ tools in your toolbox that you can pull out at any time then you know how to maintain your mindset and continue living a life of ease and joy in the body you love.

If you’d love to have the Results of lasting success with your weight so that you’d never again need to feverishly search for the newest fast fat loss cure then click here now and apply for a complimentary weight loss discovery session.

It’s for YOU if you are serious about ending your struggles once and for all and finally having a body that matches your otherwise successful life.

Photo Credit: Alan Cleaver

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How Long Fast Fat Loss REALLY Takes