GetREALWithYouAll change is preceded by awareness, and as long as you avoid Getting REAL with yourself about the state of your mindset (and the state of your weight) it’s far too easy to continue to tell yourself “I’ll lose weight tomorrow”. But how long will this go on?

It’s important to Get REAL with yourself now because it’s only in getting real that you will see where you are at and then determine what your decision is for what you will do next. After all , the only way to get radically different results (like permanent weight loss) is by doing something radically different.

Here are some specific questions you can ask yourself to Get REAL with YOU now:

How many Wednesdays have you told yourself, “I already blew it, I might as well eat whatever I want and start again on Monday”?

How many Fridays have you told yourself, “It’s the weekend, I’ll eat everything I didn’t eat during the week and start again on Monday!”?

How many Sundays have you told yourself, “I’ll start a new diet again tomorrow (so I better eat everything today that I can’t have tomorrow)”?

How many holidays arrive and you tell yourself, “I can’t think about losing weight now I’ll have to weight until after [insert holiday] and I’ll just Go All Out now!”?

How many years have you been telling yourself, “I’ll lose weight someday”. Exactly how many years have you been in the back and forth struggle with food and your weight?

All of the questions above are to help you Get Real with YOU about exactly what you are doing to yourself and the specific results you are living in your body, your mind, and your life. If you aren’t getting the results of living with ease in the body of your dreams then you know that something needs to change, and the longer you put off the change, the longer you put off the results.

It’s Time to Get Real With YOU!

Below is a list of 12 podcast episodes of The JoLynn Braley Show which are free to listen to and are available immediately. While there were 52 episodes of The JoLynn Braley Show on iTunes in 2013, the ones below are the special Get REAL episodes! They were broadcast specially to help you Get REAL with YOU and stop putting off living in the body of your dreams because really, you don’t want to just keep dreaming about that body, do you. You want to LIVE in it! Correct?

Click any of the links below to be taken to the specific podcast episode and be sure to click here and subscribe to the show on iTunes for immediate updates on new episodes. It’s free!

Get REAL Episodes of The JoLynn Braley Show: 2013

Get Real Episode #01:  Get REAL: What Are Your Weight Loss Results? [Podcast #004]

Get Real Episode #02: Weight Loss Is Easy So Why Aren’t You Doing It? [Podcast #009]

Get Real Episode #03: Why You Can’t Lose Weight Tomorrow [Podcast #013]

Get Real Episode #04: Is Permanent Weight Loss Really Possible? [Podcast #017]

Get Real Episode #05: Why a Weight Loss Mindset is Essential for Weight Loss that Lasts [Podcast #022]

Get Real Episode #06: 3 Ways You’re Keeping Yourself Stuck and Overweight [Podcast #026]

Get Real Episode #07: What Is Binge Eating REALLY About? [Podcast #029]

Get Real Episode #08: Permanent Weight Loss: Do You REALLY Want It? [Podcast #034]

Get Real Episode #09: How Others View Your Overweight [Podcast #036]

Get Real Episode #10: New Diet Every Monday Syndrome [Podcast #042]

Get Real Episode #11: The Truth About Fast Fat Loss [Podcast #046]

Get Real Episode #12: How to Avoid Holiday Stress Eating [Podcast #050]

To Break Free of Tomorrowland Now

Tomorrowland is that place you’re living in when you’re constantly telling yourself you’ll “lose weight tomorrow” or “start again on Monday” (see all of the questions at the top of this article). To break free of Tomorrowland requires doing something different, not in the form of another food diet, but specific steps that are radically different from what you’ve ever done before.

In The Inner Self Diet I mentor my clients through the proven steps to a weight loss mindset, which is 90% of the challenge of permanent weight loss; diet and exercise are only 10%. Yes! It’s true. Even though the majority of the population are chasing the “eat this eat that” diet, how you eat is only 10% of the solution, for if you don’t DO the things that are part of living a healthy lifestyle, then what good does that healthy information do you? How many food diets have you done? How much eating and exercise information have you collected? What are your Results?

To take the first step towards permanent weight loss click here and apply for a complimentary weight loss discovery session. This is for you if you are serious about ending the struggle so that you can finally have a body that matches your otherwise successful life!