Have you heard about Belviq? It’s the latest miracle cure for your overeating and overweight symptoms, and right there is one of the biggest problems!

I recently saw Belviq advertised on TV and what most don’t understand (maybe that’s you) is that your overweight and overeating are only symptoms of your Inner Self problems that need to be healed. Most think that their emotional eating, stuffing and overeating is the problem, just like thinking that their overweight is the problem.

But these are only Symptoms of the real problem which lives within you. The root of why you do what you do with food and your body.

I Understand

Now I do understand what you feel like: You really Wish and Hope that losing weight could be as simple as popping a little pill without making any changes in how you think or how you eat and live. I know! I’ve been there before myself.

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I also know how easy it is to get sucked into the promises of miraculous results but here’s the truth: Until (and unless) you heal the Root of your ongoing struggles with emotional eating, binge eating, overeating, stuffing, late night eating, compulsive overeating, yo-yo dieting, and self-sabotage, then No Diet and No Pill will ever give you permanent success with your weight.

No pill like Belviq (or any other pill) can do the work that needs to be done on the Inside of You, which is where all of your unhealthy behaviors spring forth from.

Yes! It’s True. Your behaviors originate within you, in your mind. Your mind leads your body. Always. This is why a weight loss mindset is 90% of permanent weight loss! Diet and exercise (healthy diet and exercise!) being only 10% of the solution.

How Does Belviq Stop Your Emotional Eating?

And then there’s this about Belviq: Even though Belviq promises to take away your physical hunger, how will that cure your emotional hunger?

What does physical hunger have to do with all of the subconscious reasons you emotionally eat when you aren’t hungry? In fact, when is the last time you felt physically hungry?

When is the last time you ate only for physical hunger?

The majority of my awesome, Inner Self Diet coaching clients could not remember the last time they felt physical hunger prior to working with me in The Inner Self Diet. Why? Because most folks who struggle with overeating and overweight do NOT eat when physically hungry.

Instead they emotionally eat, binge eat, compulsively overeat and just plain eat out of control, because they are out of control! Until they heal what drives them to overeat and engage in unhealthy behaviors.

Until you heal the Inner Self issues that drive your unhealthy behaviors no pill, potion, cleanse or sprinkle on this planet can give you permanent weight loss. And that’s really what you want, isn’t it? You want to lose weight and keep it off for the rest of your life, right?

Nobody really wants to lose weight, regain it, add on another 10 or 20 pounds, lose 10, gain 30, and keep going like that, do they? No! Of course not. You’d LOVE to be able to drop that fat and keep it off. Well, I’m sorry to say that Belviq is not the cure for your emotional eating and overweight. But let’s take a look at three specific reasons why this is.

Some of this I’ve already hinted at above but we’ll look at the outline to make it simple (simple is good after the mainstream diet industry has brainwashed you to think that diet, exercise, and silly quick fixes are really the answer, when the truth is that your Inner Self is 90% of the solution. That’s where your mindset lives!)

5 Reasons Belviq Won’t Work (or Cure Your Emotional Eating)

1.) Emotional Eaters don’t eat for physical hunger. Emotional eaters eat for emotions. They eat to try to feel better regardless of physical hunger. Belviq is supposed to help the person know when they are physically full but emotional eaters don’t pay attention to their physical hunger – that’s NOT why they put food in their mouth.

An emotional eater is driven by emotional hunger. I’ve had many permanent weight loss coaching clients who had not felt physical hunger for years (some not since childhood), which is common for an overeater. Binge eating is similar, as well as compulsive overeating. None of these unhealthy eating behaviors are driven by physical hunger, which is what Belviq promises to help with.

Unhealthy lifestyle behaviors and eating disorders are driven by what is inside of the individual, specifically what is in their mindset. This is why it’s so easy to live a healthy lifestyle once you get a weight loss mindset. A weight loss mindset ensures no need for any kind search for a magical pill or fix, because there’s nothing to fix!

2.) Belviq Will Not Give You a Weight Loss Mindset. If you are struggling with overeating, emotional eating, obesity or overweight then 90% of your problem today is your mindset. How can a pill fix that?

TRUTH: Weight loss in and of itself is not rocket science. In fact, it’s just a few simple steps repeated over and over and over again which yield the results of a healthy body from living a healthy lifestyle (the repeated steps!).

The problem is that even though the physical steps of a healthy lifestyle are simple (things like drinking enough water, regular exercise, eating clean, portion control, etc.), these steps are Extremely Hard to do when your mindset is fat. I know, I’ve been there myself!

When your Mindset is Fat even something as simple as drinking water instead of soda can be very difficult to do. It sounds like a simple action, but it’s not when your mindset is out of alignment with the healthy body you’d like to have.

A Belviq pill or any other pill you could take cannot fix the real problem you have: Your Mindset. I even have a current client in The Inner Self Diet who lost over 100 pounds and thought that the weight loss was going to make her happy. When it didn’t, she began gaining weight, and now she’s learning how to cure the real problem in The Inner Self Diet.

Weight loss didn’t give her a weight loss mindset. A weight loss mindset make weight loss super easy (no pills required!) and a weight loss mindset makes you Happy and at Peace with yourself. Something that food, pills, and even weight loss cannot give you.

3.) Belviq Cannot Give You a Fit Body with a Healthy Body Fat Percentage. Let’s say that you have zero problems with emotional eating, binge eating, stuffing yourself, or out-of-control compulsive eating.

Let’s say that you also have no self-esteem issues, you have very high self-confidence, you feel secure and sure of yourself, you have a fantastic relationship with yourself, you love YOU, and you feel totally OK with you with inner peace and peace of mind.

If all of the above is true and the ONLY problem you have is excess fat on your body, then if Belviq could help you eat less and lose weight on the scale, what does this have to do with living in a healthy body with a low BMI and a healthy body fat percentage?

Did you know that you can lose weight and still be fat? Not just fat in your mind (that’s a FAT Mindset, grounded in Fear Attracting Thoughts, which matches the excess fat on your body) but you can actually have a fat body while looking slim in your clothes.

In order to have a low body fat percentage you need to live a healthy lifestyle, which includes regular exercise. Not just cardio but also strength training to build muscle. If your lifestyle is sedentary and you lose weight, that does not mean you are gaining health. From a physical standpoint this is a very important point to check out with your doctor.

4.) Belviq Does Not Give You New Behaviors. As you already know, the only real cure for obesity, overweight and overeating is a healthy lifestyle. 

A lifestyle is not a diet. A healthy lifestyle is an ongoing way of life, which includes healthy behaviors the individual engages in each day. When a healthy lifestyle is easy to live then it’s fun to live, and what makes it easy to do this is a weight loss mindset. Without a weight loss mindset, living healthy and fit is extremely difficult to do.

5.) Belviq Cannot Cure the Fear of Feeling Hungry. A majority of compulsive overeaters, emotional eaters and binge eaters are afraid to feel physical hunger. They don’t WANT to feel physical hunger because that feeling of emptiness makes them feel even more fearful and insecure than the fears that drive them to stuff themselves with food.

Belviq is supposed to tell the person when their stomach is full but an out-of-balance overeater who has a Fat Mindset (a mindset based in Fear Attracting Thoughts) does not want to feel the hunger in the first place. Therefore, they do not.

They are always full because they are putting more food into their body and therefore do not get to the point of feeling physical hunger, which means they can avoid the negative emotions that come up with the empty feeling in their belly.

Belviq claims to help you know when you are physically full but what difference does that make when you don’t feel physical hunger to begin with?

If You Want to End The Struggle and Achieve Permanent Success With Your Weight

So you know that Belviq (or any other pill) cannot fix what the real problem is that has put the fat on your body. The real problem within you that drives you to overeat.

But what do you do now? Well here’s a solution that actually works, along with the first step to move towards permanent success with your weight.

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5 Reasons Belviq Won’t Work