Great Jeans that Fit at

The Opposite of Mom Jeans.

Oh My Gosh. Do I ever have a celebration to share with you today!!

First, a bit of background…

When I started Fearless Fat Loss back on March 7, 2007, I was stuck in struggle. Struggle against food.

I was pushing against food, and while I did tons of research and published over 600 articles, I wrote many of them about FOOD, and was making food “the bad guy”.

Now of course, anyone who is anyone already knows that whole foods Do A Body Good, as well as clean, pure water and regular exercise.

However, with all of that knowledge that the masses have, WHY aren’t they DOING anything with it? I mean, just how many more healthy eating plans, nutritionists, physical trainers, etc. do we really need?

If everyone simply applied the knowledge they already have, would anyone be overweight?

No, they wouldn’t. And as you can see, collecting information about food and exercise leads to zero positive results, unless you take consistent action with said knowledge. And how in the world does making food BAD help at all? What did food ever do to you? It’s just sitting there minding it’s own

You see, it’s What You Are DOING with food that is the problem.

On With Zee Story….

So, I was stuck in struggle, and I learned that I would continue to struggle unless I did something about it. Unless I made the decision to do something about what was driving my struggle, and what was driving my struggle and my actions Was Not Food. It never is. 😉

What I did was make a decision to release my struggle and I got the help I needed to release what was holding me back by shifting the inside so that I could take action on the outside.

These lasting shifts have been melting the fat off my body, and they had nothing to do with food – these are Inner Shifts that heal The Root that drives your behaviors that are keeping you stuck in an overweight, unhealthy, and feel-bad body. Happily I take my clients through these shifts in my Roadmap to Life & Body Transformation.

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And Today…

Here I am, wearing an old pair of Levi’s that look like those unstylish “Mom Jeans”, lol. You know, those jeans that are The Opposite of the cute pair in the picture above – those “Mom Jeans” that have a high waist and just aren’t in style today.

So what’s so great about that, you ask? You mean what’s so great about it besides the fact that I’m at my very lowest weight in years, my belly is so much flatter, and I feel great?!

What’s so great about this is that I haven’t been able to wear these jeans for YEARS!!

Now mind you, I won’t be wearing these in public, cuz they aren’t hot. 😉

No, this is a personal celebration which I bet that you can relate to – just imagine being able to get back into an old pair of jeans in your closet, and being able to get there with ease, joy, and fun.

Imagine having no more of that painful, frustrating struggle, but instead, seeing the fat melt from your body and LOVING yourself for finally allowing yourself to Drop the Struggle.

What would that mean to you?

What would it be like to sit in your own old pair of jeans and Get There without forcing yourself to diet or exercise?

What would it be like for you to LOVE YOU? Love your body, love your mind, love the YOU that you are?

All of this is possible once you decide to go to the root of your struggle and Heal the Root. THIS is how you get back into your own old pair of jeans, without struggle, and Stay There – Stay in the body of your dreams. No more fear of food. No more fear of weight regain.

Until you get to the Root Cause of your overweight and heal that, the struggle will continue cuz baby, that’s got nothin’ to do with food. It never has and it never will.

If you want to learn more about creating your dream body and do it without struggle so that YOU can get back into your old jeans (and Stay There!) then be sure and register for my free telecall! You’re guaranteed a paradigm shift in how you will view successful, lasting weight loss for the rest of your life.  Sorry, this call has expired. Click here to grab my Free 5-Day e-course and be notified of upcoming free teleseminars!