Sugar and Holiday Overdose at FearlessFatLoss.comThanksgiving is only a couple of days away and with that comes the onslaught of the holiday fare: the overdose of sweets, sugar, and mounds upon mounds of fattening yet oh so tasty dishes.

And what else comes along with the holidays? Well mass consciousness has the belief that you cannot help but gain weight (at least 10 pounds!) over the holidays.

Since this is the reality I’ve got a surprise for you. It’s rather last-minute so you’ll want to register now to get on this fun, free telecall.

Stop Fearing Holiday Weight Gain and Lose Weight Instead – Part Deux!

Last Wednesday I brought you a super fun call that gave you a paradigm shift on what it REALLY takes to succeed at weight loss and stop fearing holiday weight gain.

Well I was chatting with a friend over the weekend and I realized just how very helpful it would be if I were to do a follow-up call for you and go deeper with this subject to stop fearing holiday weight gain (and lose weight instead!). So…that’s what I’m doing!

This call is Part Deux to Stop Fearing Holiday Weight Gain (and Lose Weight Instead!). On this call we’ll be going through the First Step to creating a fit, healthy, sexy body without fear of holiday weight gain. This step MUST be taken if you ever expect to achieve lasting success – you cannot bypass it.

Bring pen and paper to the call because you will be answering questions you’ll be asking yourself during the call.

Register now to get on this fun, free call and never go through another holiday season with fear of weight gain again. Fear is NOT fun and the holidays are supposed to be fun. Heck, LIFE is supposed to be fun, easy, joy-filled, and abundant for you, not just the holiday season!

Get on the call and get the fun, good life for yourself:

Photo by Patrick Q