Cute JeansI sent an email to my list earlier this week to alert them to the fact that I’m doing a fun, free call for them and yes, you can come, too!

What’s funny though, is that when I emailed them (and also wrote the post that I published here yesterday) I shared that I had already dropped 11 pounds in the past 4 weeks. Well today, as I write this, the update is that it’s 12.5 pounds.

And that’s without being “perfect”.

Yes, that’s 12.5 pounds of fat I released over the past 4 weeks and my butt is disappearing. Well, not totally disappearing of course, but it is shrinking. Actually, about 5 weeks ago, I bought a couple pairs of super cute jeans. And hey, that’s ok! I’m willing to buy some new jeans when I get into the next size. Why not?! Cute clothes are F.U.N.

No Force Needed (but FUN Is Good!)

I’m not forcing myself to do anything to get this weight off. I haven’t been struggling over the past 4 weeks. I actually ate quite a bit of Halloween candy where in past years I wouldn’t have wanted to hand it out and if I did I totally stressed about it.

Does this mean I sat down and ate all of the leftover candy that wasn’t given out? LOL, no! And you know what’s super cool about that? I DIDN’T WANT TO. The candy wasn’t “calling me”. I wasn’t attracted to it. I had some, I enjoyed it, and I moved on to lose 12.5 pounds (that’s as of today – who knows where I’ll be a week from now, much less a month from now!).

No More FEAR

But this is the most important part of my transformation, something I mentioned to you in yesterday’s post:

For the first time in over 10 years I am not fearing “The Holidays”.

I’m not fearing:

  • Holiday weight gain.
  • Being around sweets.
  • Making a fattening green bean casserole and cookies for my family.
  • Participating in holiday events and not knowing what will be served there.
  • How I will look in my clothes (I’m loving how I look and I’m not at my goal weight – yet!)
  • Eating a cookie or a piece of chocolate and not being able to stop.
  • Stepping on the scale after Christmas and seeing that from Thanksgiving through Christmas I gained 10 or 15 or more pounds (or even 5 pounds).
  • Beating myself up for how I ate or how I will eat.
  • I’m not fearing having the thought come up that I must make a New Year’s Resolution because I’m not living in Tomorrowland – I’m taking fun, inspired action now and getting healthy results without struggle.

If you can relate to any of the fears I used to have about the holiday season and you’d love to be where I am now, without fear and without forcing yourself and struggling to get the results that I am (yep, 12.5 pounds down…so far) then this call is for you.

If you haven’t registered for my free call yet you can do that here.

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