Fit Healthy and SexyDo you know what it’s like to struggle and battle with your weight?

You know, constantly thinking about how you look in your clothes, how you think others think you look in your clothes, how you say you want to lose weight but your actions don’t match your words?

Instead of taking action that will bring you closer to your goal of your ideal body, you give in to your inner battle and eat all of those foods that you know are keeping you fat.

And then you tell yourself, “I’ll do it tomorrow”. (!) But…when does “tomorrow” ever come?

What if it were easy for you to take the necessary, consistent, healthy action steps to drop the fat and get fit, healthy, and sexy? If it was effortless for you and you no longer struggled to “make yourself get moving”, would you follow through and do it?

Why wouldn’t you if it was fun and effortless for you?

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A Major Ingredient of Successful Weight Loss

A very important thing must happen in order for you to get fit, healthy, and sexy….you must Take Action. And not just any ‘ole action, but Effective, Results-Producing, Physical Action.

But wait. There’s another type of action-plan that Must come first. This type of action plan MUST preceed any physical action you take to get fit, healthy, and sexy, IF you want to get fit, healthy, and sexy struggle-free.

Yes, the first type of action-plan that must be implemented is the type of action that will bring you into alignment with Universal Law. This is the type of action-plan that will bring you into Inner Congruence with the Outer Body you wish to live in.

Physical Action Alone Is Never Enough

You see, even if you had the most fantabulous eating and exercise lifestyle program sitting right in front of you, nothing would change unless you took action upon it….and you kept taking action moment-to-moment, day-in and day-out, hour after hour, day after day, week after week, month after month.

You will not take the necessary, consistent action if it’s too much of a struggle for you and it is guaranteed to be a struggle when you have not achieved Inner Congruence first with the Outer Body you are desiring to achieve on the outside.

Inner Congruency MUST Be Achieved First

Until you do the inner work with a step-by-step plan for success and become the Inner YOU who would naturally and effortlessly live in the body of your dreams, then any physical action you attempt to take (diet and exercise) will be a struggle.

Bottom-line. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

BUT, once you achieve inner congruence, then the physical action steps you take to drop the fat and get fit, healthy, and sexy become effortless. Struggle-free. Why? Because they match who and what you are on the inside. Simple (and it’s Universal Law…)

Universal Law: The Inner and the Outer Always Match. ALWAYS.

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This call is for you if you are still stuck in that neverending cycle of struggle with food and your weight. Not sure if you are or not? Some indicators of your struggle are that you are still:

  • Worrying about what you ate, how much you ate, and what you want to eat now! (even though you aren’t even physically hungry!)
  • Avoiding mirrors in order to keep yourself in denial of how much weight you’ve gained.
  • Definitely avoiding having your picture taken, and then when you end up in a pic, you can’t believe that’s YOU in there!
  • Day after day, week after week, year after year telling yourself that “one day you’ll change”, “you’ll do it on Monday”, or do it “AFTER the holidays” (hey, there are holidays year-round!).
  • Living in frustration – the frustration of not getting what you want, the frustration of continuing to take actions that you know will not give you what you want, and the frustration of wanting what you don’t have…a fit, healthy, sexy body.

Yes, there is a way out, and you can have it if you are willing to go for it and drop the struggle. But you are the gatekeeper of your life, and it’s up to you to learn how to drop the struggle. A first step would be coming to my free telecall to learn more: [link removed – this call is no longer available]

I look forward to “seeing you” on the call – it will be fun!

Photo by Pink Sherbet Photography