You (you smart, conscious reader of Fearless Fat Loss YOU!), are cordially invited to attend my fun, free telecall:

Be a 10 In 2010 – Transform Yourself in Mind, Body, Spirit


Wouldn’t YOU like to Be A 10 In 2010?

Can you see yourself there…living in a fit, healthy, sexy body?

Can you see yourself as “A 10” In 2010? And of course, your definition of “A 10” is your vision of your ideal body.

For instance, perhaps your definition of being “A 10” is to finally release all of that struggle and battle with food and your weight so that you can drop those last 10, 20, or 30 pounds with ease.

Or maybe your definition of “A 10” is to lose 20, 40, 60 or more pounds and completely enjoy the journey – struggle-free!

Or, your definition of “A 10” could simply be to wear a size 10! Whatever you think “A 10” is, can you see yourself there? Can you see yourself sitting in the same chair you’re in now, a year from now, in the body of your dreams? Never again to consider making a New Year’s Resolution to force yourself to change and lose weight. What would that be like?

Feeling Good NOW Is Fun

What if you could Be A 10 In 2010 and create a fit, healthy, sexy body for yourself while having fun and enjoying each step along the way? How much better would that be instead of struggling and forcing yourself with all of your willpower to diet and exercise?

What does it feel like when your willpower “fails” you? What if you were so inspired to take action that you did not need that all-out force of willpower?

How much fun would that be for you, to actually want to take the actions that you believe will create a fit, healthy, sexy body for yourself? (no struggle needed!)

What if you were naturally drawn towards the foods that you believe will help your body shed the fat and you were no longer overwhelmed with those out-of-control compulsions to overeat and stuff yourself with fatty foods?

What if you didn’t feel like you were fighting a losing battle…with your inner self that always seems to want to sabotage you?!

On The Fun, Free Call You’ll Discover…

  • Why New Year’s Resolutions don’t work (and what you can do about it!)
  • A first step you can take immediately to move closer to releasing your struggles with food and your weight (bring pen and paper to the call).
  • Why the last thing you need to Be A 10 In 2010 is a new diet or exercise program.
  • The MOST important thing you can do to create a fit, healthy, sexy body for yourself with inspired, struggle-free action.

I’ll also share some new, personal stories with you on the call, too. I am constantly learning more and improving my own process and journey and by the way, if you remember my past posts (or were on one of my free telecalls) when I shared with you that I dropped 12.5 pounds even though I ate Halloween candy….well I maintained that loss during the Holiday Season. Even though I ate cookies, and chocolates, I maintained that 12.5 lb loss (because of the inner shifts I’ve made).

Come to the call to learn more. It will be a lot of fun, I’m really looking forward to it.