I have created a “site related” category for those times that I would like to post something about my site in general. For the most part, I would think that these posts would only fall under this category, however there could be exceptions (like this one, for instance).

The first item that I would like to mention about my site is that today marks one month since my first post. Yes, that was not very long ago and my site is still new, however I would like to give thanks to every single person that has visited. I am grateful for each one of you being here and reading what I have written (hopefully the information is benefiting you! 🙂 ), and my goal is to increase my readership exponentially, worldwide, because I do feel that anyone can benefit from learning about the processed and fast food industries, (whether or not they are overweight).

The current food industry plays a large component in keeping binging and emotional eating alive because of the addictive ingredients that are present in such food. When you really think about it, have you ever binged on raw cauliflower or plain, cold chicken (no additives, dressings, salt, nothing added)? I imagine it is possible (as anything is possible), however when you eat for emotions, overeat, and/or binge, aren’t you going for either sweet, salty, creamy, or crunchy, tasty foods? Don’t you then continue to want more afterwards? It’s never enough, right?

The current processed food industry contributes greatly to the obesity epidemic that is present not only in America, but that is spreading around the world. The more people that I can give this information to, while also providing what has worked for me to lose the weight and get off of the processed foods, the better. How can you truly live up to your highest potential in life when your body, your vehicle here on Earth, is bogged down with chemicals, preservatives, added sweeteners, (not to mention sugar), and all of the other “stuff” that is in that lovely tasting food?

I do believe that people are wise, and you yourself have already been questioning the level of nutrition present in processed foods. By learning the details, you can raise your level consciousness about what you have been eating, and understand why it has been so hard to get that weight off and keep it off. Of course, there can be many other factors that go into overweight and obesity (at least that has been my experience), therefore, I am going to end up with several categories here. 🙂

Weight loss, overeating, obesity, food, these are complex issues, which is why there isn’t a quick fix. You can lose weight at any time with any diet. Whether or not the diet you choose is healthy, and whether or not you will lose fat or muscle tissue (subjects of upcoming posts…) is another issue, but you can take the weight off with just about any diet out there.

What happens after it’s off though, and you continue to eat the processed foods with the harmful, addictive additives? Well, if you are still reading this post, you already know the answer. I’ve been there myself, more than once, and I am determined to “get to the bottom” of these issues for myself, and at the same time provide you with my experience, research, feedback, and any knowledge that I have gleaned that can help you lose weight and keep it off for the rest of your life.

Thank you for visiting my site and for reading. Thank you for returning, and thank you for your feedback. Feel free to bring any of your friends along. 🙂