Have you ever watched the show Inside Brookhaven Obesity Clinic on Discovery Health? It’s a show about the 75 residents of an obesity clinic in Brooklyn, New York who have serious health issues because of their morbid obesity. I don’t think anyone weighs under 400 pounds, and there is even a man who weighs 750 pounds (I believe he’s the same man who once lost all of that weight and may have been on Oprah, but he has since gained it back).

I was watching it last night and while I find it very interesting and I can relate to the personal sharing by the residents of using food to feel good, I find that I don’t necessarily gain weight loss motivation from watching it. In fact I tend to minimize my own issues with overeating and overweight when I compare myself to the patients in the clinic. I end up thinking that, “I don’t have it so bad”.

Do you ever do this, compare yourself to others who have much larger health and weight issues than you do and then tell yourself that you really don’t need to take action to lose weight and get fit because you “only” have 30, 40, or even 75-100 pounds to lose? However, at the same time you obsess about food, you cannot eat just one of anything that contains refined sugar, flour, added salt, or unhealthy fats, and you know that you’re not fit, strong, and healthy.

I think it’s important that you don’t minimize your own issues with food, food addiction, and/or overweight (you don’t have to be overweight to be addicted to food) just because you aren’t morbidly obese, and if watching the Brookhaven Obesity Clinic puts you in a “what the heck, I’m not so bad!” mode (which leads to overeating!), maybe you shouldn’t watch the show. 😉

While being 20 pounds overweight might not give you serious health issues, I know from experience that being 30-43 pounds overweight really weighs on me; literally! That much weight keeps me tired, and I’m just not able to function and live as effectively. Besides that, the longer that you stay overweight and continue with unhealthy habits, the easier it is to keep gaining weight.

If you’ve watched Inside Brookhaven Obesity Clinic and aren’t morbidly obese (if you are I’d of course love to hear your thoughts on the show!), what do you think about the show? Do you feel motivated to get yourself in shape after watching it, or do you tend to minimize your own issues because you don’t weigh 400 – 600 pounds or more? Do you look at yourself in comparison and say, “hey, I’m not that bad!”, or, does the show motivate you?

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If you haven’t watched the show before you can check out the schedule and feel free to comment after watching. Please note that I am by no means discounting morbid obesity as it is a serious issue (and growing in the U.S.), but instead am relating my reaction to the show.

Why NOT To Watch Inside Brookhaven Obesity Clinic