Do you have a “top choice” in binge foods?

Is there a specific food that you tend to binge on, or do you go for any form of sweets? Do you tend to binge only on Doritos (or only Oreos, or Honeycomb cereal, or Edy’s Ice Cream, etc.) and nothing else?

If you currently binge eat, or you have in the past, I have a short survey that I’d love for you to complete. I would like to bring awareness to the types of food that people tend to binge on, and the similarities between them. I am expecting that there will be more similarities than differences, however we will only know once the survey is complete. (Click here to take the survey — survey is closed)

The survey results that I will post will be anonymous (names and/or emails will not be published), and I am hoping that anyone who binges will feel less alone than they may currently feel.

In general, the act of binging is a solitary activity, and the binger may feel like they are the only one who eats like they do. This can attribute to feelings of shame, when in actuality the reason for the binge may be due more so to the addictive qualities of the food. By reading the results of the survey, I hope that any binge eater will be able to see the similarities between themselves and others.

I hope that you will participate if you do have (or have had in the past) the experience of binge eating. The survey is open to the first 100 respondents (based on unique email address), and I will email all participants with the link to the survey results once I have them posted. Let’s see what we can all learn from this! 🙂

Click here to take the survey (survey is closed). Thank you for participating!