Sugar Cubes | Fearless Fat LossI’ve often said that there are many many many people who are addicted to sugar, so if you find that after taking this sugar addiction test that you fit the bill, just remember that you’re not alone.

Even though I say that, I still get into the space sometimes of feeling like I’m “not normal”, like “why can’t I eat like everyone else, not overeat, and not gain weight?”.

That kind of thinking really is “off” when you examine it because all we have to do is look around to see multitudes of people who clearly have the same problem of overeating highly sugared, fatted, salted, non-nutritious (yet oh so tasty) foods. I think it’s my baby thinking (yeah, not my inner child, my inner b-a-b-y), my poor me saying “waaaa, I want me some sugar, waaaa”.

Update 2013: Note the date on this article, 2/22/2008. This is an old article that I wrote 5 years ago. At that time I had the thought that I had a sugar addiction and today it’s not true. Fact: 90% of your problems with food and your weight are due to your Mindset. Only 10% are about how you eat and exercise.

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Well guess what? Not only am I right that you’re not alone in your sugar addiction (well, you already knew that I’m here with ya), but there are also other people blogging about their sugar addiction:

  • Catherine Morgan minced no words when she stated in her post that she’s a sugar addict, and she is actually the source for some of the other sugar-free links I’m giving you below. (thanks Catherine!)
  • Linda is focusing on the new life that she wants to manifest using the law of attraction, a positive life free of sugar. Just like me she remembers all of those sweet treats from childhood and shares her thoughts that working out meant a license to eat sweets. She’s writing a new script now and erasing the old tapes and I bet she’s releasing self-criticism, too.
  • Kerry shares 10 tips to give up sugar and blogs about the fact that you don’t have to be overweight to be a sugar addict (so true) or to suffer from a negative body image.

I love that Kerry is representing for those who are struggling to get healthy and fit by getting off the sugar but who aren’t overweight. I don’t expect that every one of you who read Fearless Fat Loss are overweight because we all know that you can be thin without eating healthy and exercising. For me my goals aren’t only about weight loss but are mainly about staying off the sugar and getting fit, strong and healthy; not only in body but also in mind and soul.

  • Lynette put herself in an at-home sugar rehab and shared her experience with it. The more people I see writing about being addicted makes me rejoice because that means that more people could be sparked by reading about sugar addiction and get motivated to get off the white stuff – and get fit.
  • And lastly, here’s a post by Dr. Tom (no longer available) about the white death – that’s sugar, that sweet little white powder that is oh so tasty but is oh so unhealthy, not to mention addictive. Now he didn’t say that he’s a sugar addict, but he did write about the connection between heroin and sugar like I’ve written about before, and I like that.