Here it is, time to update you on my personal weight loss and fitness progress. It’s funny because the reason I started doing these weekly updates was to help you motivate and inspire yourself to get moving and start losing weight and at the same time, help myself stay accountable and stay on track with my goals. Sounds like a good plan, right? 😉

Now this is the funny part: I have written many many posts about motivation here at Fearless Fat Loss, especially when I was doing the daily motivational posts.

Update 2013: Note the date on this article, 11/19/2007. This is an old article that I wrote 6 years ago. At that time I had the thought that I had a sugar addiction and that “motivation” was needed. Today I know this is false.

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I have put a large focus on the topic of weight loss motivation because in my experience, I’ve learned that it’s my level of motivation that will either fuel or bring down my success. I’ve had ups and downs with my motivation, and I’ve also learned that it’s something that I have to stay on top of.

As far as my update for you this week, not a lot has changed since last week. I did not lose any weight on the scale, but I did drop one inch. Why is this, is it my healthy eating and fitness plan? Nope, not at all, in fact I know from experience that when I follow the Six Week Body Makeover plan as it’s very simply laid out for me, it works. So, what’s going on with me so that I have not been following it exactly as it’s written?

The main reason is my sugar addiction. Yes, that’s true, I am addicted to sugar, something that’s nothing new to you if you’ve been reading here at Fearless Fat Loss for a while now. As long as I stay off of the sugar I maintain my motivation and feel great, and then I do want to eat well and exercise. But, if I’m eating sugar, I just want more and more, can you relate to that?

So, refined sugar is obviously not a part of my healthy weight loss plan or healthy lifestyle. It sends me into a spiral of always wanting more and the feeling of it “never being enough”. Now you could be asking, “How did you start eating sugary foods again?”, to which I don’t have an answer to that doesn’t sound like an excuse. I do know that my motivation began turning with the approaching holidays, but I’d mainly have to say that I’m miserably addicted to that refined, sweet tasting white powder, and that a little of it is just too much for me.

The bottom line is that for me, if I indulge my sugar addiction, it pretty much wipes out my motivation. At this point, here’s what I see my options are:

  • Keep eating those sugared foods and stay in the addictive cycle.
  • Give up, eat whatever I want whenever I want to and gain weight eating sugared, processed foods.
  • Get clean, lose weight, feel great.

I don’t want to give up on myself, so here are a few things that I’m doing to regain my motivation:

So how in the heck can my experience help you with your own goals and your level of weight loss motivation? Well, if you are also addicted to sugar, it can help you if you stick around to see how I get out of this self-sabotaging behavior. 😉 In general though, I feel it’s important to share how my sugar addiction has brought down my motivation and affected my progress. It’s a tricky situation because I’ve learned that I can lose my weight loss motivation very quickly by getting back into my sugar addiction, and that I won’t be feeling 100% motivated like I did before until I am 100% off of the sugar again!.

I do have something positive that I am focusing on in regards to the fact that I am losing weight very slowly; stay tuned for that topic in tomorrow’s post. 😉