The Number One Reason Gastric Bypass Fails

I found an amazing, exciting article on The Daily Mail today about a woman who lost 100 pounds and she is not happy with her figure because she has a fat mindset. Click here to read it yourself! I love that she can see that her Mindset is Fat so even though she did lose 100 pounds, she’s not happy.

Yes! You read that right. The term “fat mindset” is in the article.

The reason this is so exciting to me is because THIS is what I’ve been teaching for years! Ever since I began my mind-body weight loss business in 2007… and then in 2009 began professionally coaching smart, successful women (and a few cool men!) to struggle-free weight loss in 8 weeks or less…. I’ve been teaching about the fact that mindset is the most important thing to change if you want to lose weight and keep it off forever.

If you want to have a.) a struggle-free time losing weight and b.) be sure to keep it off then you’ve GOT to get a weight loss mindset.

Why? Because it’s Universal Law.

“The Inner and The Outer Always Match”. This is one of the Universal Laws that all of us live under. So does it make sense that since this is Universal Law (you cannot change Universal Laws) and if you’re fat on the inside, then your body must match on the outside. Does this make sense?

If it doesn’t make sense then tell me your question in a comment below. If it does make sense then tell me in a comment below, and then tell me What Specifically Are You Doing NOW to get a weight loss mindset?

A Proven System For a Weight Loss Mindset in 8 Weeks or Less

If you aren’t taking action now to get a weight loss mindset then what’s happening is that you are prolonging the struggle. And then, you’re in danger of doing the same thing that the 100 pound weight loss woman is in danger of doing.

I’ll share more about this in my next article. But before I go… did you know that I’ve had coaching clients who had had weight loss surgery before hiring me to coach them?

One of them had lost only 10 pounds from the surgery before I coached her to a weight loss mindset and the other had gotten almost to her goal weight and knew she’d gain it all back if she didn’t get help to end her emotional eating. So she did the smart thing and hired me to coach her to a weight loss mindset in the least amount of time possible.

If you’d love to stop asking yourself “Why am I so smart and successful professionally BUT I can’t stop eating?” then apply now for a complimentary weight loss discovery session with me! It’s the first step towards ending your personal food and weight struggles in 8 weeks or less. Click here to apply now.