Fat Loss Vs Weight Loss What You Must Know Now - FearlessFatLoss.comWe’re taking a look at fat loss vs weight loss and what you MUST know now.


Well, what exactly do you want as your final outcome? If all you care about is the weight number on your scale then sure, you can make that number go down and end up as a skinny fat person, which is both unhealthy and dangerous!

Or, you could focus on what REALLY matters if you want a final outcome of a fit, healthy, sexy strong body. If this is what you’re going for then you’ve gotta change your focus away from your WEIGHT to your body fat percentage.

Did you know that there are skinny women running around right now who are actually fat? Yes, they’re fat when it comes to their body fat percentage in addition to being fat in their mindset because they are completely obsessed with their fears of weight regain. That’s a great topic for another post, podcast, or video!

When it comes to what I’m addressing right now though, is the fact that if you only focus on making the weight number on your scale go down and do nothing to reduce your body fat percentage (which is what REALLY matters), then you while you can make that weight number go down, you can also end up with a high body fat percentage that puts you in the obese category…while appearing to be thin!

Fat Loss vs Weight Loss: What You MUST Know Now

When you’re desperate to lose weight all you care about is seeing the number on the scale go down but there’s something you must know now when it comes to fat loss vs. weight loss, because weight loss and fat loss are not created equal. What you need to be aware of is Exactly What Kind of Weight you are releasing from your body. Why? Because that one number on the scale can go down BUT it can go down because the weight you are losing is:

  1. Water
  2. Feces
  3. Bone
  4. Muscle

Yes, you can make your weight go down quickly by losing water, poop, bone and muscle weight. True! It’s not difficult either. Just follow a crazy silly fad diet, do a cleanse, and avoid doing the only thing that will give you permanent success with your weight. What’s that? Simple! Just live a healthy lifestyle, day in, and day out.

The thing is though, is that it’s very difficult to live a healthy lifestyle when you’ve never healed the root of your binge eating, emotional eating, low self-esteem, food obsessions, food addictions, and self-sabotage, which is why the work I do with my coaching clients in The Inner Self Diet is exceptionally valuable. Once you achieve freedom from your unhealthy behaviors then you’re free of diet mentality and you’re free of the madness! You’re free to live a healthy lifestyle in peace, to drop the FAT in your mind, and drop the FAT from your body, all while having fun doing it!

Why would you care only about the number on the scale when what really matters is the amount of FAT you release? Why is it more important to do a short-term cleanse to see the number on the scale go down when what you’re really “losing” is feces and water?

In an upcoming post I’ll explain why millions are only focused on the number on the scale, instead of being focused on what really matters and in the meantime, what would happen if you were to focus on getting fit, healthy, sexy and strong instead of being so desperate to lose weight, no matter what kind of weight that is?

Here’s a hint: in order to make it easy to change your focus and in order to make it easy to become fit, healthy, sexy and strong, you’ve gotta Get Fit in your Head. Why? Because a Fat Mindset only creates more of the same: more struggle, and more fat on your body.

Learn more in my FREE 5-Day e-Course (click here to get started now)! You’ll discover what’s really been stopping you from losing weight for good, and what you can do about it!

P.S. I recommend the Tanita Scale for measuring your body fat percentage. It’s a great tool, especially once you get a weight loss mindset. Remember: a weight loss mindset makes it easy to live a healthy lifestyle!

A weight loss mindset is freedom from the diet mentality that only cares about weight loss no matter the health cost. A Fat Mindset lives in diet mentality and looks for weight loss without caring if it is fat loss, which only leads to more problems than you have right now. Why do that to yourself when you don’t have to? Hire a coach, get the help you need to solve the REAL problem that created the symptoms you now have on your body and in your mind (i.e.: the fat in your mind and on your body!) and get the heck on with living your Ideal Life…while IN your Ideal Body!

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