30Days Of Awesome Free Fat Loss Content at Fearless Fat LossGood News! Previously I wrote that I was releasing 30-days straight of Free, Fantastic, Fearless Fat Loss Content here at FearlessFatLoss.com and the truth is, I just couldn’t keep up!

Between my weekly weight loss podcast, my monthly LIVE, FREE weight loss class, the FREE, DAILY weight loss video I’m publishing each day in 2016, streaming LIVE on Periscope (I’ve scoped almost every day since August 15, 2015), my new, FREE emotional eating app in the App Store, my second weight loss app that’s about to be released in the app store (exciting!!), and most importantly, the weekly commitment I have to coaching my Inner Self Diet coaching clients to struggle-free permanent weight loss, which is most important of all.

So, with all of this going on, I just wasn’t keeping up with the 30 days of non-stop free content I had planned to publish here at Fearless Fat Loss when I initially announced it. Heck, that’s A LOT of FREE weight loss content to be publishing every single day! In order to offer that much daily content a winning system must be in place.

The last time I published 30 days straight of awesome Fearless Fat Loss content was way back in 2008.  It’s been a long time and Fearless Fat Loss deserves a step UP out of being average and being GREAT instead (why be average when you could be Great?!).

But what do you do when you’re struggling to accomplish a goal, and you just keep struggling with the same thing over and over again? (Just like a coaching client of mine used to struggle with emotional eating for over 30 years.)

What you must do is make a clear change in your behaviors; otherwise you’ll keep getting the same results.

Definition of Insanity: Continuing to do the same things you’ve always done while expecting a different result. ~ Albert Einstein

If I had not made a change to accomplish my goal of publishing 30 days straight of FREE weight loss content here at Fearless Fat Loss, then you wouldn’t be reading these words or gaining the value of the 30 days of FREE weight loss content that we’ve got coming up (stay tuned for the 30-days of daily, free content kick-off).

Unfortunately, what happens for most is they keep doing the same things they’ve always done, whether that’s in business or with your weight. When it comes to your weight, the majority are so stuck in diet mentality that they keep doing what they’ve always done: they search for another food diet to force themselves into while binge eating before starting that new diet on Monday.

Bottom-line: In order to get radically Different Results and achieve permanent weight loss, you’ve gotta DO something radically different. You will never end your emotional eating, binge eating and yo-yo dieting by continuing to do what you’ve always done, because what you’ve always done has only fueled the fire of your unhealthy eating behaviors.

If you’re still not sure about this then here’s how to prove it to yourself: Just take a look at your Results and they will show you the truth. Have you ever achieved struggle-free permanent weight loss on your own, without professional coaching? If you have then this would mean that the root of your out-of-control eating has already been healed (otherwise you’re still struggling with food and your weight).

You Must Have a Proven, Daily System to Make Fat Loss Easy and Make It Last

I’ve had to put a new system in place order to make it easy and fun to get this 30 days of FREE fat loss content published for you. And check this out: you can learn from my example of putting together a winning system for daily action to provide new, free content here at Fearless Fat Loss each day and apply it to your fat loss goal.

The real-world truth is that you need a proven, step-by-step system for permanent weight loss. A system that is radically different than anything you’ve ever done, a system that works, and a system that will end your emotional eating, binge eating, and yo-yo dieting. Otherwise you’ll keep doing what you’ve always done: chasing another food diet that never solves the real problem. How do you know you haven’t solved the Real Problem? Because if you had, you wouldn’t have a problem with food and your weight today. You’d already be living struggle-free with food and your weight, just like my coaching clients I’ve coached through the proven steps of The Inner Self Diet.

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Here’s to YOU releasing your struggles with food and your weight so that you can drop the fat, and keep it off!

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