FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions | The Inner Self Diet™ and Permanent Weight Loss

FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions | The Inner Self Diet™ and Permanent Weight Loss

The Inner Self Diet™ and Permanent Weight Loss


Q: I see that JoLynn Braley is The F.A.T. Release Coach. But What is F.A.T.?

Great question! F.A.T. = Fear Attracting Thoughts

How to know if you have F.A.T. on the Inside:

If you have excess physical fat on your body that you are unhappy with and feel very frustrated about then you have F.A.T. on the Inside in your Inner Self.

Why does it matter if you have Fear Attracting Thoughts that you are thinking consistently? Here’s why it matters:

F.A.T. drives your Actions and Behaviors on the Outside to match the Fear Attracting Thoughts you have on the Inside, in your Inner Self. And then of course, those behaviors create the unwanted fat on your body! See a list of Behaviors below (partial list; there are many more unwanted Behaviors that are driven by your Fear Attracting Thoughts).

NOTE: Instead of reading this FAQ page here’s The Perfect Baby Step to take towards a weight loss mindset (the opposite of an F.A.T Mindset!):

Simply Click Here Now to grab JoLynn’s F.R.E.E. 5-Day E-course and discover what’s REALLY been stopping you from losing weight for good (and what you can DO about it!). But Do It Now while it’s still available!

Just a few of the Behaviors that F.A.T. creates are:

  • Bingeing
  • Stuffing
  • Food abuse
  • “Cleanses” to “clean up” the food abuse
  • Inconsistent healthy actions
  • Consistent unhealthy actions
  • Struggle
  • Procrastination (i.e.: “I’ll do it Tomorrow…Monday…New Years Day…Someday….”)
  • Endless information gathering about diets & exercise without the follow through of consistent, healthy actions
  • Self-sabotage
  • Stress eating
  • Emotional eating
  • Negative thinking (thinking is a Behavior)
  • Hiding from life
  • Avoidance of Intimacy:
  • Avoiding Dating, if single,
  • Avoiding Closeness in current relationship,
  • Avoiding Sex with the lights on,
  • Avoiding Sharing of emotions, time, or physicality in relationship, all due to body shame/embarassment as a Result of emotional eating.
  • Emotional outbursts
  • Ongoing self-doubt
  • Scale obsession
  • Self-hatred due to the inability to “Just Do It” and live a healthy lifestyle consistently and without any struggle.

All of the above Behaviors that are manifesting as a Result of your F.A.T. (Fear Attracting Thoughts) on the Inside then produce your Results on the Outside.

Some of the unwanted Results of Behaviors due to F.A.T. on the Inside:

  • Obesity
  • Overweight
  • Up and down weight gains
  • Inability to ever “get there”
  • Larger sized clothing
  • Low self-confidence
  • Lack of Belief in oneself
  • Frustration
  • Stomach rolls
  • “Cottage cheese thighs”
  • Flabby arms
  • Double chin
  • Health complications such as:
  • Diabetes,
  • Fatty Omentum,
  • Heart disease,
  • Heart failure,
  • Early death
  • Physical limitations such as:
  • Inabilty to participate in biking,
  • Hiking,
  • Roller coaster riding,
  • Sitting in an airplane seat without a seatbelt extension
  • Feeling fat, frustrated, and fed up!

The above lists are only a few of the debilitating Behaviors and Results that your F.A.T. is creating in your life and body.

What is exciting is that there is absolutely no reason you must continue to live like that!

It’s all your choice though, which is also exciting! Since YOU are the only one who can value YOU enough to get the help you deserve and turn all of this around.

With The Inner Self Diet™ you learn exactly how to Release Your Fears (F.A.T) and Drop the Fat…without deprivation, willpower, or struggle. 

To finally Become the YOU You’ve Always Known You Could Be!

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Q: What Are The Benefits of The Inner Self Diet™?

The Benefits of The Inner Self Diet™ are literally endless. How can this be that they are endless?

Because in order to achieve permanent weight loss you MUST Heal the Root of your symptoms. Your symptoms being your overweight body and your unhealthy behaviors.

In Healing the Root of your lifelong food and weight struggles you transform your entire Inner Self, which results in the transformation of your Outer Life and Body. It cannot be any other way since The Root of your lifelong struggles Is Always With You Now.

Just like YOU are always with YOU now, that Inner Root that has created all of your food and weight struggles is always hanging around. Until it is healed through The Inner Self Diet™.

Then you gain the exciting Results of  Living the Benefits of The Inner Self Diet™.

NOTE: The list of Benefits below is only a partial list. Why partial? Because the Benefits of The Inner Self Diet™ reach into and impact ALL areas of your life! All areas of your life that you need your body for, that is.

(If you can find any area of your life that you do NOT need your body for then I’d be very curious to hear about that!)

Just Some of the Benefits of The Inner Self Diet™ are:

  • Permanent Weight Loss!
  • No more struggle!
  • No more self-sabotage!
  • Being All Systems GO (the exact opposite of your back and forth struggles with your Inner Rebel who keeps you fat)
  • Dropping the Fat and Keeping It Off
  • Struggle-free weight loss!
  • Being unable to imagine that you used to struggle
  • Loving exercise
  • Loving yourself
  • Loving your body
  • Loving the choices YOU make for YOU
  • Wearing those cute clothes that are in the back of your closet!
  • The end of The Search – your endless search for the next new diet craze
  • Living as a New YOU
  • Feeling Good Being YOU
  • Feeling Good in your own skin
  • No more Hiding
  • Being Seen and Feeling Good about it!
  • Going for your Life’s Dreams, which today you are stuffing down with the food out of Fear
  • Feeling Secure in YOU
  • FULL Self-Confidence
  • Clearer and stronger connection to Source Energy
  • More money since you would no longer hold yourself back out of Fear and lack of Belief in yourself
  • Improved Relationship
  • Sex with the lights on (if you are in relationship now)
  • NEW Relationship if you are single
  • Getting Out there and Dating
  • Loving what you see in the mirror!
  • An entire Life and Body Shift as a Result of The Inner Self Diet™
  • Becoming the YOU You’ve Always Known You Could Be.

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Q: What is a Certified Coach?

A certified coach is a professional who works with her clients to achieve The Results they deeply desire for themselves in their body and therefore their Life.

Hiring a professional coach who is Founder of the proprietary, Proven, step-by-step System to permanent weight loss that is already providing others with the Results of Permanent Weight Loss means that all one must do is the same steps they did! 

Follow the same steps as those who used to be stuck in the muck where you are today with your lifelong food and weight struggles and then YOU can get out of your own way and achieve Permanent Weight Loss, too!

To release the pain and frustration in the least amount of time possible.

Everyone already knows that the quickest way to transform and Get Results in any area of life (whether in business, relationship, body, or spiritual growth) is by hiring a mentor to coach you to success now.

In addition to being a certified coach JoLynn Braley is also a certified Master NLP Practitioner, which means that she has an extensive and flexible toolset in order to mentor and empower her clients in breaking through even quicker.

NOTE: An extremely important quality to look for in a certified coach (besides the Results their clients are getting) is Accountability.

Without a high level of accountability your coach can provide you with the holy grail of tools but if you do not take action with them then what Results will you get?

JoLynn holds her clients to a high level of accountability (if they choose to work at that level) which is what garners them massive Results.

Because they Take Consistent Action with the tools she provides them with!

This is the biggest benefit of working with a professional coach who will Coach you rather than enable you in continuing to do the same things you’ve been doing (that have been giving you the Results of failure) like a friendly friend will do!

Not always with the intention of continuing to see you fail (although many feel threatened when confronted with another’s success) but because they think it will help you feel better to say, “It’s OK, you’re not doing anything wrong”… when actually the Truth is:

If Your Results are NOT what you want them to be then you MUST Do Something Different to Get Different Results.

If you crave the Results of the Benefits of permanent weight loss and you want them NOW (why would anyone choose to keep struggling?) then hire a certified professional coach who specializes in the area of Permanent Weight Loss without Struggle. A Coach  who already has a System that is Proven to work.

Click here for a list of Benefits of Permanent Weight Loss with The Inner Self Diet™.

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Q: Is a Coach a Therapist?

Most Coaches are not therapists. Some therapists are also certified coaches.

JoLynn Braley is a certified professional Coach and a certified professional Master NLP Practitioner, she is not a therapist. JoLynn’s step-by-step proven System to Permanent Weight Loss is focused on getting her clients Results. Results that last and Results that they experience as quickly as possible. As opposed to spending months and years talking about and/or analyzing the past or current life story.

What is exciting is that it is not necessary to go back and dig up your past in order to heal The Root of your consistent food and weight struggles. It is not necessary to dissect why you have never succeeded permanently with your weight in order to achieve Permanent Weight Loss now.

As long as you are working with a highly skilled coach whose focus is on mentoring you to achieve those Results Now AND has already founded the proprietary System that is Proven to work.

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Q: How is Coaching different from therapy?

(See above)

Additionally, therapy is a long, time intensive process that goes in depth, often with a focus on the past.

Coaching is a very specific process focused on the present and the future to provide the client with a specific roadmap – a very specific and focused roadmap to achieve Different Actions Today which produce Different Results.

Coaching is focused on Results and empowering the client the tools to achieve those Results in the least amount of time possible – if you are working with a Results Focused Coach like JoLynn Braley.

Just as there are varying levels of services out there that address different life areas and provide Results that correlate to the value of that service and The Benefits it provides you will also find high value coaching services as opposed to coaching services of those who are just getting started, that therefore cannot provide the Results you seek.

Coaching is only a fit for those who are very serious about Transforming Themselves NOW and learning exactly how to get the Result that they seek. Coaching does not include hours upon hours of talking and focusing on the past as in therapy.

Different RESULTS come from Different Action. Why put off permanent weight loss when you could achieve Results Now and Live with them for the rest of your life? (Why would anyone choose to hold themselves in the pain and the struggle?)

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Q: What is Permanent Weight Loss?

Permanent weight loss is the end of all struggle with food and your weight.

Permanent weight loss is: Dropping the F.A.T. in your mind which allows you to easily release the excess fat from your body with struggle-free, healthy consistent actions. Weight loss without deprivation, willpower, or struggle.

Permanent weight loss is….Permanent! No more yo-yo syndrome, no more food obsessions, no more ups and downs.

Click Here for a partial List of Benefits of The Inner Self Diet™ and permanent weight loss. (Partial since the benefits are endless as they impact every area of your life…every life area you need your body for that is.)

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Q: How Do I Get Permanent Weight Loss?

You must become a New YOU on the inside. A New YOU on the Inside that matches the fit, healthy, slender body you deeply crave for yourself on the Outside.

This is exactly what JoLynn mentors exceptional women (and a few cool men!) through in her proprietary, step-by-step Proven System to Permanent Weight Loss, The Inner Self Diet™.

Click here for a list of Benefits of permanent weight loss with The Inner Self Diet™.

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Q: How Do I Become a New ME?

There are several steps involved in becoming the YOU you’ve always known you could be. The most important step is to heal the Root of your lifelong food and weight struggles. Once THAT is done then it is easy to take consistent, healthy actions to live a healthy and fit lifestyle. To drop the fat and keep it off…without deprivation, willpower, or struggle.

The quickest way to become the YOU you’ve always knows you could be is to simply follow the exact same steps which others have already taken before you.

Simply follow the same steps that those before you have already done! Those who used to be where you are today, stuck in the struggle and frustration.

Results such as:

  • Struggle-Free weight loss.
  • Releasing your fears…and the fat!
  • Putting an end to your yo-yo dieting.
  • Eating without deprivation.
  • Living a healthy and fit lifestyle with ease.
  • Staying consistent in your healthy actions.
  • Trusting and Loving YOU.
  • Developing a healthy relationship with food, your body, and yourself!
  • Feeling fabulous about your body, your life, and about YOU!

These are only a few of the Benefits that JoLynn’s clients achieve by taking action with the steps in her proprietary, Proven step-by-step System to permanent weight loss, The Inner Self Diet™.  Click Here for a partial list of Benefits permanent weight loss provides! (“Partial” since the Benefits are endless. After all is there ANY area of your life that you do NOT need your body for?)

What matters is what the specific Results are that YOU deeply desire for YOU! Once you become an Inner Match to the body you desire for yourself on the Outside then it will be easy for you to live the lifestyle that will support the body of your dreams.

You’ll suddenly become one of “those people”. Those people you’ve always looked at and wondered how they could possibly love to exercise, how they could possibly eat in moderation, how they could possibly look so good and be eating that dessert you see them eating!

Become one of “those people” On the Inside and your outside behaviors will match the lifestyle that will give you the body you desire…and will maintain it without struggle.

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Q: What is Law of Attraction (LOA) and What Does it Have To Do with Permanent Weight Loss

Law of attraction is one of the basic laws of this Universe that we all live in. Whatever you focus upon you will create (and attract) more of.

In JoLynn’s coaching practice she combines her training as a certified NLP Practitioner with her training as a certified Coach along with the underlying foundation of that which cannot be denied: this Universe and the Laws Of It that we all live in, under, and with.

JoLynn’s clients learn how to deliberatly create the body of their dreams with struggle-free action utilizing her unique combination in her step-by-step proven system to success – success in permanent transformation and permanent weight loss.

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Q: What Is NLP and What Does it Have To Do with Permanent Weight Loss?

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. JoLynn Braley is a Certified Master Level NLP Practitioner (and coach) and she utilizes her Master level NLP skills with her coaching clients in her step-by-step proven System. NLP is a very quick way for your brain to “reprogram” itself, which is vital to achieving Permanent Weight Loss and Maintenance. You must first BE the YOU on the Inside that would believe, deserve, and live in the body you desire on the Outside before you will be able to effortlessly live the healthy lifestyle that will give you that body.

This is why healing the Root of your lifelong food and weight struggles is vitally important because until that is accomplished, laying another diet on top of what you have on the inside only floats around as a temporary band aid. It can never “stick” until you Match On The Inside with the fit, healthy body you desire for yourself on the outside.

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Q: What Is an Intuitive Coach?

In addition to all of JoLynn’s other coaching skills and Master NLP Practitioner skills she is also a certified Consciousness Shifting Coach.

What has come out of the combination of JoLynn’s lifetime of spiritual pracitices, workshops and trainings along with her certification trainings, is an intuitive skill she utilizes in her current coaching practice.

JoLynn is not a “medium”, she offers her clients the direct and practicial “hits” and “downloads” that she receives from Source Energy, which they then feel if there is resonance with her “hit” or not. It is these clients who are truly willing to “Go For It” and get completely Real with Themselves that transform in big, bold ways.

JoLynn attracts clients who are willing to Go For It – who are willing to look themselves in the eyes in the mirror and Get Real with themselves. They are fully aware that Nothing Will Ever Change if they do not get out of their own way. And they need objective, professional assistance to do that (we all have blindspots).

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Q: Why Did I See Reference to “The Fit Shack” In an Old Article Here at FearlessFatLoss.com?

This website was called The Fit Shack when JoLynn founded it as owner and publisher in March 2007. She wrote and published an article base of over 650 articles, all of which are free to read here at FearlessFatLoss.com, while some have been taken out of circulation (Note: Many are outdated since JoLynn wrote those from a different Mindset).

Many of the old articles were written from a standpoint that JoLynn no longer holds, for example, pushing against food to “make it bad”. While it is certainly true that there are some chemicals in food today (MSG for example) that JoLynn would not recommend that anyone ingest, her coaching clients learn exactly how to live in their own power and make their own choices when it comes to food, or anything else in their life.

Therefore there truly is no “bad” food, once you learn exactly what mindset is needed in order to achieve Permanent Weight Loss. This also takes into account the common sense and the beliefs of the individual, which is why JoLynn’s clients achieve such amazing results.

In the end there is no one who can tell another how to eat and if there was a “perfect Food diet” created there would need to be the same number as the population of this Earth.

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Q: What’s My Next Step?

Your Next Step is very simple!

Click here to apply for a one-on-one complimentary weight loss discovery session with JoLynn Braley The F.A.T. Release Coach.

The call is complimentary and any person who craves all of the Benefits of permanent weight loss must first interview with JoLynn due to the high level of transformation and Benefits that The Inner Self Diet™ delivers.

Therefore only those who are commited to themselves and Serious about their transformation are offered the opportunity to enroll. This cannot be determined without the complimentary call.

Click here to apply now!


Q: Why Can’t I Enter My Credit Card Here on The Website and Enroll in The Inner Self Diet™ NOW?

(See above)

There are no open enrollments available for the high level of mentoring and empowerment The Inner Self Diet™ delivers. In order to create A Weight Loss Mindset one must be fully committed to themselves – it won’t work if you are not serious and only “dip a toe” in. Therefore it must be verified that an interested party is committed to permanent weight loss for themselves, which is discovered through the complimentary call (Click here to apply now).

Only those who are Serious about dropping their lifelong Struggle are commited enough to embark on the journey of permanent weight loss as it requires one to follow instructions and follow through with action steps, which is how all of JoLynn’s clients have achieved the Results you can read about here!


To learn more Click Here.

To read what Others Are Saying click here.

To Listen to what others are saying about their struggle-free weight loss success click here!


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