Here’s a confession for ya – I really don’t feel like writing anything at all today but remember that I declared this No Excuses Week at Fearless Fat Loss? That means I’ve got to buck up and stop making excuses for not writing this post!

Maybe you can relate to the same feeling when it comes to working out – you don’t really want to do it, you can think of 10 million other things that you could be doing or want to be doing, and you can come up with excuses galore on why not to exercise. But let me ask you this – how do you feel after working out? In my experience, I always feel better after my workouts but in order to get there, you’ve got to sweep away those excuses.

I Can’t Work Out, It Hurts Too Much

So on to another excuse today, an excuse that could very easily be looked at as a valid reason to avoid working out but if you give into it, you run the risk of giving up on yourself:

“I can’t work out because it hurts too much. I weigh over 200 (250, 300, 400) pounds and if I walk for even 5 minutes my feet, knees, everything hurts. I’m in too much pain so I can’t do it.”

Ok, you’ve got to admit that this is a really really good excuse to not work out because I don’t believe that you should feel pain when exercising. Sure, you want to feel an exertion but if you actually feel pain then something is wrong (and you know the drill – always check with your doctor before starting any diet or exercise program 😉 ).

However, there’s no way that I’m going to be an enabler for you and suggest you stop moving, no siree! When you don’t move your body you’re practically ensuring that you’ll create more pain for yourself. Your body wants to move, it’s meant to move, it’s not meant to sit still.

A Super Solution

You’ve heard of Richard Simmons, right? I love listening to his radio show each Sunday on Sirius. He’s so motivating, inspiring, and compassionate, you just can’t help but get motivated by listening to him and his callers.

Richard Simmons Sit Tight VHSWell Richard Simmons has a video called Sit Tight, you might even remember me mentioning it you before. It’s a workout that you do while you’re sitting down and it gets you exercising without causing pain to your knees or your feet.

It’s a great way to work out if you’re not mobile and it’s going to help you get mobile. And, if you include a healthy eating plan with portion control along with exercising with Richard’s Sit Tight video, you will end up losing weight so that you can get out there and start walking. 😉

Nope, No Excuses Around Here!

So you see, there’s no excuse for not moving your body and if you need to you could even do this workout in bed. Just do what you can do even if that’s 5 or 10 minutes to start – eventually you’ll work up to completing the entire workout and the most important thing is that you’ve gotten yourself moving.

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