So I started doing these weekly updates for you on my weight loss progress and I really don’t want to. Why? Because I think it’s boring.

OK, so I’m bored with it, what can I learn from this? For example, could I be bored with my whole weight loss and fitness regime, and is that why I haven’t been sticking to it as well as I could?

There could very well be something to this, in fact I know there is. You see, it’s so easy to get all excited when you first start a weight loss program. You’re excited about making a change, about losing weight and making yourself over, about being able to wear new clothes, about looking better and (if you’re following a healthy plan) feeling fabulous and strong with lots of energy.

I’ve seen many people start out like this but then a few weeks into it they dwindle off and stray off plan. I’m a big promoter of making lifestyle changes instead of eating and manically exercising in ways that you won’t be able to make a lifestyle. When you think about it though, even when you make it a part of your life to eat healthy and exercise regularly, everyday life can start to lack excitement sometimes. This means that you’ll want to stay on top of things to make sure that you don’t get bored, especially if you’re an emotional eater and turn to food to get excitement in your life.

Here are 6 things that have worked for me in the past to regain my enthusiasm and motivation. You can also apply these same tips to your weight loss and fitness regime, especially regarding the healthy meals that you’re cooking and getting back to the basics. I have already started to incorporate some of these over the weekend to help me stick with my plan this week:

  • Try new recipes: What I cook is one of the largest factors in my willingness to stick to my eating plan 100%. I get into the danger zone when I get bored with what I’m eating and I have to mix it up regularly by trying out new recipes.
  • Make my favorite recipes that I haven’t had for a while: There are several favorite dishes that I’ve made that I just love, and I did make one this weekend to enjoy this week (Sweet and Sour Chicken – you can use Stevia instead of the artificial sweeteners in this recipe if you prefer). I love this recipe and I put it over rice or rice noodles (only ingredients are rice and water). I do make it with 4 breasts (increase the other ingredients accordingly) so that I have enough for the week (I cook in bulk on the weekends for the week ahead).

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  • Tape a show to watch while I’m on the treadmill: When I watch a taped show on the treadmill I feel like I’m making good use of my time and it also gives me something to look forward to. I feel better doing this instead of spending the time watching the show sitting on the couch.
  • Get more involved with my online weight loss and fitness support group: I mentioned in a previous post how helpful online weight loss support groups can be and I’ve been in many that have been just great. They can be very instrumental in helping you stay on program but you do have to be involved and not just join up, which is something that I have to stay on top of and schedule into my day.
  • Get outside and walk for a change of scenery: I really love walking on my treadmill because I don’t get interrupted with street crossings, however it’s a good shake up to get outside once in a while and walk for a change of pace.
  • Go back to the basics: I’m at a point where I know all of the ins and outs of how to eat and exercise for health and weight loss on my program but I applied it better when I was a newbie. Why? I get off track by being too complacent; I’m not on top of things as much as I was when I first started.

This is where it helps me to go back to the basics and read my materials, watch the videos, and listen to the tapes/CDs, just like I did when I first started the Six Week Body Makeover way of life. That will definitely renew my enthusiasm and help me stick to my plan 100%, which will give me much better results with my weight loss and fitness goals.

I have some work ahead of me but I can’t expect motivation and enthusiasm to just fall in my lap. Actually, the main part that I consider “work” is reviewing my materials, however this is really the most important part that I need to do because I gain motivation from learning about how the body works, which is why I write many of the types of articles that I do here at Fearless Fat Loss.

As far as my progress goes, I dropped 1 pound and .875 inches. I did well overall, mainly eating healthy but those times that I didn’t are what causes my slow results. Additionally I did not meet my exercise goals. I expect much better results next week. 😉

Bored With Your Weight Loss and Fitness Regime? Try One of These 6 Tips!