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When you’re struggling with emotional eating, you want to lose weight but you can’t stop eating, and you’re searching for answers, it’s common to keep searching for free emotional eating information. But what happens when free emotional eating information isn’t FIXING your emotional eating problem?

When this happens, maybe a good question to ask yourself is “What do I WANT? Do I want to keep collecting free emotional eating information OR do I want to FIX my emotional eating problem?” These are two entirely different outcomes and many people are so focused on gathering the free emotional eating info that they never actually end up fixing their emotional eating problem. Why? Because they aren’t looking for a solution, they are just looking for quick tips, emotional eating hacks, and any kind of info that could give them an immediate, instant solution to their emotional eating problems.

The problem with this is that your emotional eating problems won’t be fixed with some kind of hack, quick tip, or instant fix. Why? Because this is a problem that began when you were a kid – take a look for yourself! Go back in time now to your first memories of when you first began struggling in any way with body image, food, eating, weight, anything related to this whole topic. How old were you? Eight, ten, twelve, or some other young age?

Now, take that age and subtract it from your current age. Circle that number. THAT is the age of this problem you’re dealing with and this is why no emotional eating quick tip has fixed it. This is also why no free emotional eating information or new food diet has fixed your emotional eating problem.

When Free Emotional Eating Information Isn’t Fixing Your Emotional Eating Problem

When free emotional eating information isn’t fixing your emotional eating problem then maybe continuing to seek out free emotional eating info isn’t the best path to keep going down. Make sense?

What if instead you were to begin seeking the real solution to end your emotional eating? Meaning that instead of focusing on finding more information about emotional eating, finding the solution that would fix your emotional eating. Then, what would happen is that you’d end up fixing your emotional eating problem because you’d be working with the solution to DO that.

Are you getting this? Can you see the subtle difference between the two? And then, just imagine…. what if you really could end your emotional eating? What would that do for you?

How easy would weight loss be if you could just fix your emotional eating problem for good? What if you had the solution that would do this for you? Can you imagine how you would feel if you could break free of the chains of emotional eating?

If You’re Serious About Fixing Your Emotional Eating Problem Now

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